Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I’ve always loved horses. I rode horses as a kid on the farm. Not fancy horses. One was so fat he was like riding the sofa. My short legs meant the horse had to be standing by something I could use to boost myself up, even when there was a saddle involved.
Owning a horse is expensive. Grazing land, barn, feed, water, tack, vet bills and transportation must be added to the initial expense of the animal. Not to mention the daily maintenance. So now I just look at horses.
Not far from our house in most directions are pastures full of horses. In one specific field there are new babies.

They are all Appaloosa foals. The American Appaloosa traces its roots back to Spanish stock that became prized by the Nez Perce Indian tribe of what is now northern Idaho.
The Indians bred the horses for endurance, short mane and tail for traveling in high brush, and good temper.
Then, of course, there are the markings.

The coat is spotted in one of several specific patterns from a speckled white rump to being mottled all over.
Idaho officially adopted the Appaloosa as the state horse in 1975.
Pretty little horses.


Janie said...

They're beautiful. I love appaloosa coloring. And you're so right about horses being expensive to maintain!

BB said...

Didn't know that reasoning about the short mane and tail - totally interesting! And great shots too... the foals are divine!

Laura said...

Pretty little horses indeed!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your description of the horses Leenie especially "one was so fat he was like riding the sofa".I've always been a bit frightened of horses, so large and unpredictable but these look lovely!

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! And in action, also! Just lovely!



Frisky little horses.

Flea said...

Oh they're BEAUTIES. Thank you for sharing!!!

Linda Sue said...

Riding a sofa HAHA I used to ride a sofa too, his name was Stinker and he was lame and old...I didn't have to know anything -just let him take me where ever he wanted. LOVE horses and yes they are expensive! Beautiful shots!

Jeannelle said...

Wonderful scenes of these beautiful creatures, Leenie. Yes, "like riding a sofa" is an excellent description.

I did not know any state had a "state horse"!

Woman in a Window said...

Beautiful shots, especially that one in motion. I think a lot of people take on horses without realizing the work involved and yes, the expense.

Cindy said...

Beautiful!! So sweet.