Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yellowstone Falls from Artist's Point
Scenic views make us automatically want to capture the sight and take a piece of it with us. Guaranteed whatever we do: photograph, painting, cell phone shot, it will not come anywhere near the experience of standing there. Guaranteed also; some skilled artist or photographer such as Ansell Adams or Thomas Moran has been there ahead of us with his own interpretation. Most of the time their work makes you want to throw your sorry picture in the trash.

The Cathedral Group--Grand Teton National Park

Your artwork or photograph will only be similar to what you saw/felt. See my previous post of Christina’s World. My photo of her house was literal. Christina Olsen suffered from a condition that left her lower body paralyzed. She moved about her world by the use of her arms. You can see how Wyeth used artistic license to separate the barn from the house and set Christina in a position that doesn't correspond to the actual lay of the land. Using this information, you bring your own experience and ideas to interpret what you see.

Anyway, since I was already in Cushing, Maine I took the ferry, Laura B. to Monhegan Island where Andrew Wyeth’s son, Jamie, had produced several well known paintings. I arrived at low tide on a foggy morning. Above--how I saw the Monhegan Island boat dock.

Jamie Wyeth's "The Red House"

I wandered around the island (no cars allowed there) and came upon “The Red House” looking very much as it did in my Wyeth art book at home.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to paint my own version of the place. I am thinking now that I should not put my stuff next to Jamie Wyeth's. Please be kind.


Flea said...

I love your version. It's so peaceful and soft.

Butternut Squash said...

Thank you for the artistic tour. Your paintings are wonderful. You must find a great peace in painting them.

fifi said...

You are most certainly welcome to a compliment. Such gorgeous watercolors: you are clever!
Lovely way you have aptured the atmosphere.

I am craving some peace top do something similar.

DayPhoto said...

I love your paintings. They look so much like the real thing. Do you have showings of your work?



I'd hang a Leener original in my home.

Country Girl said...

Oh, it will be quite easy to be kind in this comment because I love your painting. It's so ethereal. What talent! Wish I could do this.

Cindy said...

Wow!! These are gorgeous. You have some beautiful photos. Your work is fantastic.

Jeannelle said...

I think your version of the red house is very lovely! And, it holds its own next to Wyeth's rendition.

Which Wyeth painted a scene of fishermen in a small boat on a stormy sea? I think that's the painting I saw in that Chicago museum.

Your post's opening thoughts are very good and I like the idea of preserving what we saw/felt...especially felt.

Linda Sue said...

AWESOME work, Leener! F-in FABULOUS!!! I have tried to water colour but I am too stiff and predictable (one would never guess that) anyway I SO appreciate your talent! GREAT!