Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Some of you may remember a post I wrote (which no longer exists) about bathing Thomas, our cat. His ancestry seems to be that of a Maine Coon Cat, descended from felines who came with Scandinavian ships to New England. His undercoat is very wooly. He even has fur between his toes. Over time he starts looking pretty scruffy, even with a lot of combing. So occasionally a bath is necessary.
My experience has been that cats get hysterical in a bathing situation. But Thomas is almost tolerant of the process. He lets me hose him down. And pour on the flea and tick shampoo. He does not love this. He accepts it. He is master of THE LOOK. By the time we get to the rinse he is ready to have it finished. It must feel better to be clean because he endures the whole process with very little complaint. Still, with that LOOK, I worry about what may happen to me in my sleep. Fortunately the warm weather means he will not be wet for long. It takes several days of combing to get him spiffy again.


Janie said...

I love the photo of "the look." My daughter has a Maine Coon cat. He's amazingly friendly and follows her around like a dog.

DayPhoto said...

My daughter has a Maine Coon cat, her name is Twister. She is a delightful cat, follows the kids around, very friendly, and so much fun.


Flea said...

I LOVE Maine Coons. And your Thomas is beautiful. Our cat washing story is much funnier, but more painful.

Anonymous said...

I want to know which set of hands you use to take the photographs -- it looks like you were using your regular hands to wash Thomas. Did DH or J stand in as assistant photog?

jeanie said...

We have never attempted to wash Eddie - I always subscribe to the belief they are self-cleaning (ask my oven).

Yours is an amazingly wonderful cat, though, and he the has evil look down pat (I don't know if you have seen many kids cartoons of late, but it brought "My Goldfish is Evil" to mind).

Laura said...

Ok I was going to say something about how great "the look' was, but in reading your viewers comments, I got distracted...They are all so great and funny...especally 'which set of hands'? or even 'ask my oven' :-)

I had two cats for 15 - 16 years never washed them not even once...as for the dog...well that's a different story all together...Beagle vs. Maine Coon


Leenie said...

Before Thomas--the only time I washed a cat was to clean up injuries or impossible dirt. As Flea said it was painful for all involved. Thomas has lived at our house for several years. It was desperation and dreadlocks that drove me to sudsing him down. Photography credits go to Hubby.

olivia said...


I can't believe it.

Thomas is gorgeous ... what a love.

The Weaver of Grass said...

He is one drop-dead gorgeous cat - but don't tell him, it might go to his head.

The word verification is cullvets - do you think that cat is trying to tell us something?