Friday, July 17, 2009


It is the middle of July and the weather here has finally put together three days in a row warm enough to go without a jacket in the morning. It is warm enough that I’ve finally cashed in the Jamba Juice gift card I got for my birthday in January. It is warm enough to give toes freedom from shoes. Sandal weather is upon us in Eastern Idaho!

I have a confession to make. I am old enough to remember The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, yet I have never had a pedicure. I had another gift, not yet used, to be pampered at the beauty shop. I finally made an appointment and turned my virgin toes over to the pedicure lady. Since it was my first time she promised to be gentle.

The first thing I realized was I should have shaved my legs. This experience included not only the feet, but the ankles and calves as well. It was sort of like not cleaning before the cleaning lady came over. But, then, a cleaning lady is another event I have not had the pleasure to encounter.
My short, wide feet were soaked, scoured, massaged, lotioned, exfoliated, trimmed, and massaged again while the sweet lady chatted me up with friendly comments. Then the toenails were trimmed and filed all fancy. I didn’t want to get too carried away with colors, so she put on a shiny clear coat of polish.
Then, just to prove to the gift-giver that I have actually, finally, gone to the beauty shop; I requested a daisy be painted on one nail. My attendant even added a sparkly gem in the center of the daisy.
I have a daisy on my toe.
It is not real. It does not grow.
It's just a picture of a flower,
So I'll look cool taking a shower.
It's on the second toe of my left foot,
A stem and flower, but there's no root---
because that wouldn't look good !
It's just a daisy on my toe.
My left foot loves my right foot so !
--Smothers Brothers

"Still crazy after all these years."--Paul Simon


Janie said...

Very cute. I was a big Smothers Brothers fan.
You should wear sandals for a month to show off that daisy!

Linda Sue said...

Your toes look fabulous! I had a pedicure ONCE and found it mildly annoying...chose blue pearly polish and it lasted for about half a year! You are so right about the legs...humiliating...but I suppose that is just something they have to deal with in that profession...
I remember the Smother's brothers and Sally Strothers who tap danced and had shirley Temple ringlets...I am older than you!

Flea said...

You're hilarious! I love the Smothers Brothers' song. :) And your daisy is ADORABLE!

Kikit said...

Daisy on the toe is a perfect idea! :)


Daisy daisy give me your answer do...

I'd like a daisy on my toe too.

DayPhoto said...

I love your Daisy!


Woman in a Window said...

OK, your daisy is cute but I have to admit, I don't get it. Never been. Never will be. Lucky to clip my toes. But cute, yes.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Back when my oldest son lived in AZ, he got me one of those as a M Day gift while visiting him (trying to tell me something I imagine)! cause I like you, never had one either! So funny, but think your right- I've always had a foot fetish Lennie! My brother came to visit once (always been estranged)..I glanced over at my younger son who had been examining his feet..he made some comment and his Uncle got self-conscience..I wanted to die laughing!! Love the daisy and the poetic words-