Tuesday, August 4, 2009

IT CAME FROM WITHIN (my version)

Flea's World has a link to her cousin, Mary's meme. I don't want to give the whole joke away, but it is a list of things found in Mary's couch. I can't top that, but I have a list of the items I found in the heater vent in the boys' bedroom at my daughter's house. I was doing grandma babysitting. You know, sleeping in the spare bedroom with the dead pillow, bathing in the tub full off rubber duckies and squirty fish, and having to use the toilet with the removable potty seat. My dear daughter was recovering from surgery and I was doing what I could to help out. Daughter's toddler son had been stashing loot in the heater vent in the bedroom he shared with his brother. I was investigating the reason why the room remained cold no matter how high the thermostat. I pulled off the grate and found (I'm not making this up)... One toothbrush, one small flashlight, one sippy cup, two sippy cup lids, one golf ball, five glow in the dark stars, two double A batteries, one tiddly wink, one plastic toy tree, one pink "find the cure" bracelet, one door stopper, one small toy front loader, one Spiderman playing card, one purple candy heart, one key chain with blinking lights, one key ring (no keys), five raisins --hard as dried beans, two used glow sticks and one 1999 dime. The VCR(this was a few years ago) contained: one wadded piece of paper, two DVD's, one dried pizza crust, a dry erase marker and a half slice of toast. With a little effort I got heat flowing to the boys' bedroom. If I recall the VCR was declared a lost cause. Daughter recovered from the surgery and I survived being grandma babysitter.



They are dead! and I never did figure it out.
Thank you for dead pillow. Now it all makes sense and justifies me traveling with my own whenever possible.

Janie said...

Funny! Kids do love to stash stuff in the strangest places.
the "dead pillow" has a certain familiarity. So does the child's potty seat. Now I know I'm not alone in grandma babysitter indignities!

TheSims said...

You forget the time he stuffed his whole blanket down the heater vent and when I asked him why he did it, he said to keep the monsters from coming up the vent and getting him in the middle of the night. Maybe the other stuff was to entertain the monsters?

Anonymous said...

Hope your daughter is better Leenie,what a great family time you have described so well! I remember those times myself, as the Mum,Lovely as little ones are, I'm pleased those days are over for me.My back used to ache with all the lifting and bending to bathe my daughter.Busy times. You would have been appreciated. Maybe these days are ahead of me again as a grandma sometime,but hope I will be on "light duties".The spirit is light and bouncy but the body is bordering on decrepit!!

DayPhoto said...

I travel with my own pillow also! :)

I'm impressed that he was able to get the vent top open! Then to have a hidden treasure chest is pretty cool. My toddler grandchildren don't think of those things, they just leave them where ever.

The removable potty seat...ah, I still have to do it, maybe someday there will not be a removable pottyseat. Then they will be older, but alas so will I.


molly said...

really loving your blog & your paintings are beautiful.

my husband lost his wedding ring the other day and called the last restaurant he was at to see.... so, they checked under the table and in the chairs...but only found a binkie and a dollar. we DID think about using those two things to come up with a new ring!

Flea said...

Bwahahaha! That's hilarious! Why don't I ever find cool stuff like that stashed places? The most exciting thing I've found was sand and crayons in the gas tank of the push mower.