Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Stories from Ewix

I won a copy of Elizabeth's  book JANE IN WINTER not long  ago.  It is "A Traditional Tale of Magic and Enchantment" of "a  young girl's quest to set the world to rights and bring happiness to a very tragic family." 

Jane has quite and adventure.  She travels underwater and finds a magnificent palace. She goes on a quest to rescue May from the evils of Queen Ida.  The story also contains wonderful details of life in England in the 1950's.  I sympathized with Jane having to deal with a big brother and his friends.  They offered to let her play Risk with them-- just this once.  "only so you could wipe me off the face of the earth," said Jane.  She hated it when people ganged up on her and her last soldier fell in Kamchatca or somewhere weird like that.  I've died in Risk's Kamchatca more than once myself.

Elizabeth is putting together a spooky Halloween story on her blog, The World Examining Works.  I'm excited to see the next installment. 

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the fine children's book!


dawn said...

i so love children's books. this time of year, i'm particularly stuck on edward gorey although he wasn't very kid friendly! mwuh-uh-uh! :0

happy halloweenie! xo

Linda Sue said...

I am reading Jane in winter at the moment- reading out loud to Dexter before lights out...Enjoying it tremedously and it takes me right back to my childhood with a mean brother and back to England where my memories are fondest. I love this book.
Love Edward Gorey also!
Happy BOO!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I didn't know about Elizabeth's book - it looks really interesting. There is a real art to writing books for children I think.

Elizabeth said...

You are so very kind!
Yes, I had a blast remembering my childhood!