Sunday, November 1, 2009

ARTISTS IN THE HOUSE--Grandkid Photo Alert

I know, grandkid pictures, but this is MY BLOG so brace yourself.  There was a gathering at our house because our neighborhood is still relatively Halloween friendly.  Plenty of preparations ensued.

There are other artists in the family.  This one has red hair AND red hair.

Daughter 1 painted faces.  This is THE ALIEN in progress.

Finished and prepared to attack.

UNICORN under way

Unicorn ready for flight

The artist goes to work to create a Fantasy Gypsy.

I know, I know, I am too young to be the grandmother of such a young beauty.

A LION underway

She brought home a LOT of candy

Now a very flashy PIRATE MAIDEN


The final masterpiece


The whole lot ready to terrorize the neighborhood.

(Note to family--a CD of ALL the photos is being prepared for distribution)


Anonymous said...

great fun photos!!

Linda Sue said...

WOW these faces are absolutely brilliant- Wayeee better than blinding masks or tattoos...I would wear this sort of face job everyday! Better than girly make up! Awesome talent! Love this post Neener!
Could you put a note on your week word post that I am choosing word this week, thanks.


If grandma can't who can?

Great artistry.

DayPhoto said...

Those faces are just the best. Your daughter must take after you in the art department. What a nice gift to have!

AND what a beautiful Grand daughter!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Guess we miss out big time here in Australia. Haven't seen anything like that prowling our streets! You look great!

Elizabeth said...

What stunningly lovely grandkids you have!
Something to look forward to!
Their costumes are so lovely and inventive!

jeanie said...

Wow - it is so much more full on over there than here - amazing face-painting!!