Monday, November 2, 2009


Time is sifting through my hands
Salt and sugar colored sand
Cotton clouds, green bamboo,
Warm sky.  Ocean tastes so blue.

But not today
Today the sky is gray.
Cold hard trees
Are frozen in an icy breeze.
The only palms are on my hands
Reaching out to stop clear time
Running through the salty sand.

Top photo--The Caribbean near Tulum--Bottom photo--Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

And HOLE is the word chosen by Linda Sue at ALL I'VE EVER WANTED for Weekword.  If you wish to participate let Linda Sue know by commenting on her blog.  More information is there on how Weekword works.


Elizabeth said...

I would love to be on that beach!
Love your new header.
Yes, I'm doing holes but Buster isn't since it's all concrete around here!
I ended up getting a new camera (exactly the same as the old one the day it broke!)
Nikon Coolpix -tiny and serves my purposes.
Just finishing up Jane's next adventure.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your photos. The one in Wyoming reminds me why I don't mind travelling off-season.

DayPhoto said...

You are the most talented person! Love the photos and the words!


Unknown said...

amazing! my two favourite things- mountains and sea :)
i am missing the snowy mountains, havent seen "mine" for a while...

ps the photo is of the bottom of a barnical shell- those black/brown bumps on the rocks on the shores.
hehehe and i realised maybe i should have kept it for friday- will have to think really hard what ill post tomorrow ;)

Anairam said...

Love the image of time running through the salty sand - very clever.