Sunday, December 6, 2009


Like the taste of Ghirardelli Dark or the feel of an expensive sable---watercolor brush; I knew when I tried blogging that I would be back for more. Here is a place where I can speak for myself just ‘cause I want to.

What I didn’t anticipate was how my little domain would literally open up the world for me. After a year and a half of blogging I am more aware of the planet than in all the time I spent studying geography or environmental science. (Study may be the wrong word. I found those classes mostly tedious and only a means to a passing grade).

From Northern Ontario Canada to Adelaide Australia; from the coast of Scotland to the coast of South Africa I can be in touch with voices that resonate with mine. I know that no matter how very dark the night or how rotten the weather—somewhere the sun is shining and a warm breeze is lifting green leaves.

My disappointment is: I will probably never hear most of these voices with my ears or have an opportunity to look into their eyes. However, last summer my path crossed with a blogger and I found Linda Sue to be as genuine and creative as her words and pictures. The short time we spent together as she shared her world was a high point of a week long getaway. Meeting handsome Mr. Dexter was a bonus.

Later I asked her for a small sample of her skills. She designs and fashions amazing items out of wool. Visit her at All I’ve Ever Wanted to see samples of her work. I asked for one of her colorful pin cushions.

Yesterday I opened a box big enough to hold a free range turkey.

It was not a turkey.

I found, not a pin cushion, but a sofa cushion!

I will let photographs tell the story of her gift.

A couple of Dexter hairs give it personality. Knowing her hands spent hours putting together this piece of art makes it priceless


Bill S. said...

Priceless post.


I too marvel at the expansion of my world.

Your pillow is truly a lovely gift of friendship.

Linda Sue said...

Leenie- sorry Dexter left some of his blessings on the cushion- lucky that Peach did not get close to it- he has a nack for "owning" things. I'll bet you are glad it was not a young turkey in the post!
So lucky to have met you- your paintings just send me into spasms of rapture- that is a good thing by the way!
( artists trip, put on back burner...)
word veirification is "mothmist" COOL!

Leenie said...

LS: Don't apologize for Dexter's addition to the cushion. I Loved seeing that he was there with you. It would have been fine with me if Peach would have contributed too. Thomas checked out the new thing his house and then asked for dinner. He is just glad I cleaned his litter box so he doesn't have to step in snow.

DayPhoto said...

WOW! She is amazing. You both are.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful present!! Maybe we will meet one day - this year I met Sarah from London (she and her partner spent a day with us when they were on holiday near here in the summer) then in September I met Lee when we were in Sydney - as you said, blogging opens up the world!!!

aimee said...

i just wrote today on this very wonder as i connected with a blog pal this past weekend who is now a new friend. how wonderful that you got to meet. that pillow is stunning - linda sue does beautiful work. and i love that she wrote "not turkey" on the box.

Anonymous said...

How delightful that, along with the others, Adelaide has a mention.I'm chuffed! It is such a pleasure to know you here in the bloggie world Leenie.Your cushion is delightful.xx

Janie said...

Wow, that's a beautiful gift.
I agree, blogging is a great way to meet others of like mind. I've enjoyed the contact immensely.