Saturday, January 2, 2010


We have...

new snow.

Lots of it.


Linda Sue said...

Dang it's cold! Lovely but start a fire, girl! By the way- would love to have some aceo from you for the show in the fall. The only criteria is that they be 2.5"X3.5"...Please consider, you have only until next October - I know this is short notice especially because making an aceo takes all of ten minutes....stay warm!

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year, Leenie.
Yes, snow is most enchanting
sadly I'm through with liking it just now!
All best wishes for 2010

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Leenie! Just when we think it can't possibly snow any more - it does!! We're getting rather tired of it now - we're snowed in!! Never mind, I am using the time to make a start on this year's to-do list!

Laura said...

How much snow did you get? We woke up this morning to -15 degrees today, not a cloud in the sky all day, and it got up to a whoppin 6 degrees. Today is the first day I felt a little cold, my checks started to burn during our walk this morning, (the part right under my eye which was the only part exposed) and I used one of those fleece hooded neck warmer things and breathed so much warm air into it, that my hair and face was all wet when I got back! haha

The dog does not mind the cold so far; he still always wants to go out for his walks, I just wonder if it will ever be too cold for him? I know if it was windy I would not have gone out.

Anonymous said...

what fun!
saying hi, after seeing you on kendalee's.

Woman in a Window said...

It is nothing to hide from, is it? We've got it figured out!