Saturday, January 9, 2010


Under a filter of fog
Trees are tatted with crystal crochet
Sunshine comes
Carefully melting morning mist
Sky fades from frost
To fragile blue
Porcelain tree patterns
Are embossed on azure shell
Sunbeams send sparkles sprinkling

A black cat and a barking dog
Bounce through the snow
The cat scrambles for safety in a starry tree.
An avalanche falls from every branch
For a fractured instant

Frosted figurines stand frozen
The spell is shattered
In a shining shower
They disappear in different directions

My poetry. Top photo also mine. Borrowed the cat

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere. Vincent Van Gogh


kendalee said...

Wedgewood weather, what a perfect description! We have some more forecast today so I'm planning to stay in and watch it from the coziness of my front room... hope you're keeping toasty :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and words! Everywhere is dripping today - but there is still an awful lot to go!!

Janie said...

Beautiful poem and title. I love the crystalline sparkles of snow. Sometimes it does look like a crochet pattern!

Anairam said...

This is a wonderful poem, Leenie! I can visualise the scene - I especially love the 'crystal crochet' description ... Oh, it seems so bitterly cold there, I am sorry for you, and I will stop complaining about the hot, muggy weather we've had today.


You'll have me appreciating winter before the season is over. *grin*

dawn said...

oh my gosh i love these pics! hahaha! and crystal crochet is awesome! yep, we're cold here too but no snow. still, for us sutherners, it's pretty frigid! stay warm!

Linda Sue said...

Love the pup in snow! Having such a good romp! Your poetry is just as lovely as your art and your photography- you are good at EVERYTHING!

Laura said...


The cat reminds me of my first cats, I had two black and white like that, but they never got to play in the snow.

Jill said...

Your first photo and the first two lines of your poem beautifully capture the moment. (I like the rest too)