Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here in snow country we get some of our best storms in February. We don’t expect to see our lawns until March.
park bench in February

That’s just the way it is.
So we can’t help but smile a little over the mass hysteria caused by snow storms in places less prepared.

The university students from lower latitudes and altitudes get so excited and run outside to watch the first white flakes falling out of the sky in the fall. By December the novelty has worn off.

Now, in February, they are feeling a little overwhelmed.

(Mom and Dad sent me to hell and now it has frozen over.)

Although the campus grounds crew keep the walkways clear and dry.

Snow Days are not that common.

Public schools continue unless the weather becomes a blizzard.

Heavy snowfall is cause for celebration at all the ski resorts. The farmers welcome the storms as a promise of water for crops in the summer and an opportunity to break out the snowmobiles.

Winter weather does last TOO long, though.
Sometimes we just wish it would STOP.

No, we panic when the thermometer shoots to the top in July and August. We expect comfortable outside temperatures in the afternoon.
If we can’t get cool by opening a window for a little breeze or by shading up on the porch, we don’t do well. Many houses around here don’t even have air conditioners.

DH and I finally invested in a little window a.c. unit for our home a couple of years ago, but we only need it for a few weeks each summer.

I guess it just depends on the kind of conditions you’re prepared for.


Krista said...

I love your blog and will definitely be back! Great photos! Gotta be careful with the Hell freezing over thing - the kids might think they can do anything now - all that fine training out the window.

frayedattheedge said...

Some years ago, I was sitting beside a woman from Australia on a plane. When we landed at Edinburgh airport, we had to walk from the plane into the terminal. It was snowing and she was fascinated, as she had never seen snow before!!!

Jill said...

Great post Leenie, hopefully the worse of our snow is over now - but it would be really something if we had as much as you!!! The whole country would definitely stop!

Anairam said...

Wow, all that snow! I guess it can get a little overwhelming, even if one is used to it. I do not like cold weather, but oh, I would like to be in a snowy landscape just once in my life ...

Linda Sue said...

LOVE the photo of the people walking across the street- Looks like a painting! Yes, the lovliness does wear thin after two/three months of trudging through the white stuff. I have no complaints this year!

fifi said...

I like snow very much.
I think I would like it where you are.
I spend a few weeks in the snow here every year but it is such a small amount of snow...

Janie said...

I'm always amused by the panic a little snow generates in a lot of places. I love snow!
But most places don't have their snowplows, sand, and salt ready to go at a moment's notice, I guess.

kendalee said...

This made me smile! I can distinctly recall the excitement of my first snowfall - about half an inch settled and I twirled around in it like a child. And even now, as you know, a dusting's enough to make me wax lyrical. I'd LOVE to experience snow like yours but I can see how the novelty might wear off after a while. In my limited experience having the right clothes and shoes make all the difference. :)