Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I live with the Philistine Neanderthals.
And though I match the color of their skin,
And I’ve tried to learn their languages and customs
I am likely never going to fit in.

Sometimes when they are speaking fluent football,
Or discussing tools or technical sorts of things,
I ask them if they’ve heard of Dylan Thomas.
They ask about the music that he sings.

“Does anyone speak Dickenson?” No answer.
They’re too busy manning the remote.
“Would someone please go with me to see Shakespeare?”
They stuff fries and burgers down their throat.

Often they lie about like glutted lions.
And I would keep them company, although,
I’d like to talk to someone about paintings.
“Does anyone here understand? HelloOOo?”

The above was written at a time when my two daughters had married and left me home with a house full of guys all high school age or older.  The situation has changed some, however I expect much screaming at flashing lights on the wall in the mancave this Sunday evening (Superbowl Sunday).  I still wish there was someone around who spoke my language. And The Vikings were robbed.

In honor of Dylan Thomas, my painting of Fern Hil


Flea said...

Your Fern Hill is beautiful. But I don't speak your language, sadly. I'll be rooting for my Saints Sunday.

Butternut Squash said...

We need girlfriends! Good thing the blog world is full of them. You may have to invite a few over. If I were a little closer we could have tea.

Linda Sue said...

Butternut is correct as usual- Without blog girlies I would have probably checked into the "yellow room" long ago...well, a year ago anyway...we don't do football here, sometimes we watch hockey or soccer but only during commercials on other channels.
I love your painting- how did you do that effect of colour faint sort of splash thing...I would love to learn how to paint.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful, heartfelt poem.
I speak your language --poems and stuff
but football escapes me!
I try for my son's sake to seem a little bit husband likes the Yankees and so I follow them.
I agree with Butternut's comment below!
and Linda Sue's!

DayPhoto said...

Your painting of Fern Hill is wonderful! I used to dream of going to the Opera or seeing a ballet...gradually I lost those dreams.

I understand you.

In a way I have filled my life with the beauty of the sky and the dance of growing things.

I have also found lovely blogging friends. Which really helps.


frayedattheedge said...

Your painting is wonderful! I am so glad I have my studio at the end of the garden - on weekend afternoons when my husband is watching all things football (soccer) I can retire to my own world (if I have to be in the same room I have been known to resort to listening to my i-pod!!)

Anonymous said...

beautiful painting!

fifi said...

lovely poem amd lovely painting. I often feel that way myself.

Laura said...

I love the sky in your beautiful masterpiece; is that water color and did or do you ever use salt for effects?