Thursday, February 25, 2010


There was an inch of new snow this morning so I put on my Doc Martins with the knobby tread to lower the possibilities of a tumble on the rear. I walked the mile down Main Street to work.
The little John Deere snowplow that clears the sidewalks hadn’t made it all the way to my part of town so I was following tracks put down by people who had preceded me. There were little tracks of kids on their way to school and bigger tracks probably left by university students and those just out for a morning walk.
Then there were these.

What? Who? Big bare feet.

The tracks continued for blocks usually obscured by other footprints.
The wide sidewalks in the middle of town were already plowed, but on the corner as I waited to make my final street crossing--there they were again.

The boss said he’d not seen anyone running barefoot down the street. My coworkers leaned toward a Sasquatch a.k.a. Big Foot hauling himself out of town before sunrise. Not much chance of a vagrant since anyone sleeping in a gutter around here would be covered by the snowplow and then trucked out of town.
The tracks might have been left by a runner wearing the new style barefoot running shoes. Or not. My guess is a university student who lost a bet. I just really wonder how much of the runner was bare.


DayPhoto said...

I love those shoes. But OH MY to run barefoot in the snow.......


Linda Sue said...

YETI! He was wearing those barefoot running things, bet you a nickle! Must not be too icy- you left your yak trax at home...your weather sucks- that's what I am saying- you need to scoot on over here- Just watch next year we will get slammed! That seems to be how it works- Too much of a good thing can make one next year maybe you will be experiencing the best winter ever!

HB said...

Hi Leenie

Just noticed your comment on Linda's blog and curiousity got me to open your blog. If the person was bare-footed, I think, medical assistance would be needed most urgently! Brain and feet!!! Those "runners" are quite something - I have never seen that footwear before. Nah! you can keep all that snow, I think I'd rather put up with the Brisbane summer humidity!


Jill said...

I guess if you were barefoot you would run, but.... those a pretty bi feet!

frayedattheedge said...

My vote is with Big Foot!!

Flea said...

Those are such COOL shoes. But I was really pulling for Yeti! Dang.

Laura said...

Ha! what a fun and interesting thing to see. Don't you just love things like that which make your mind think up all sorts of possibilities?

kendalee said...

What a great story! I love a good mystery and only hope that whoever it was didn't lose any toes to frostbite. Those running shoes are interesting - never seen them before. Probably to do with the fact that running and I are not friends. I used to run cross country many moons ago but now I prefer to restore balance in the universe by sitting on my sofa instead. Are those running shoes yours? I'm just wondering if they feel strange between one's toes to begin with?