Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In the spirit of provident living we have several bags of hard red wheat stored away. Such a thing keeps for…probably forever, mostly because it is not easily used. So--just in case we ever had to survive on whole wheat I brought home a hand cranked flour mill.
Our kitchen has one low counter for vertically challenged people—like me. The little mill attaches nicely there. It holds about three cups of grain.

It takes a while to grind enough wheat to make two loaves of bread.

Little Red Hen: Who will help me grind the wheat?

Great Dane:  I will. 
Little Red Hen: See how it gives you a good workout of the upper body!

Great Dane: Hmm…it turns at about 50 rpm. I have a motor out in the shop I could hook up…
Little Red Hen: That would void the warrantee on the mill and defeat the whole purpose of this project.
Great Dane: grumble grumble.

I love making bread. It is sort of like sculpture you can eat.

The ingredients are simple: whole wheat flour,

a small amount of gluten flour,

cooking oil, salt, honey or sugar, warm water and yeast.

Yeast is a living thing which fills the dough full of bubbles.

It needs a warm environment to grow, so after the ingredients are mixed

and kneaded;

it’s a good idea to put the dough in a sunny place to rise.
When the dough has doubled in size it is divided, shaped
and put into oiled bread pans and left to rise again.
After baking for about forty-five minutes the bread is ready to be cut into thick slices and enjoyed.
I just wish there were ways to digitally share the aroma and flavor.

Please note: Homemade bread is a luxury and not the norm at our house.


frayedattheedge said...

Yummy! I cheat .... I have a bread-making machine!

Linda Sue said...

NICE MILL! I had one but something must have happened- because i can not find it- Mr. Husband most likely sent it to goodwill. I could grind all sorts of things into the flour, flax, sesame, almonds , shoes...- loved it! Now i just buy freshly ground organic flour at the Co-op- not ggod for my flabby arms but there you go...Your bread looks beautiful!

fifi said...

I would like to visit you one day, and hopefully you will make me that bread!

I am lucky to have unmouldy bread in my house.

Laura said...

hummmm I can almost smell it; I love the smell of home made bread, however I've only had the pleasure of smelling it by using my breadmaker which does all that you did by hand, I'm sure yours smelt even better. Got any left?

Anonymous said...

Sculpture you can eat!
I always think that being a baker is one of the most morally pure jobs in the world.
our daily bread etc etc.

DayPhoto said...

I hope we never get to the day we have to hand grind, but we too have prepared. Although, Terry has celiac's disease and we have to eat gluten free.

Your bread is lovely.


Jill said...

Now I'm hungry - I can smell it from here!