Monday, April 26, 2010


There’s a bike path that runs parallel to the river. While walking along it the other morning…

I noticed a tree had fallen across the path. The downed tree seemed healthy, and I doubted the damage was weather related since, for some strange reason, there had not been much wind in recent days.

Then I looked at the branches.

Both large

and small showed evidence of the work of a beaver.

Other nearby trees also appeared notched and cut by large teeth. Some of nature’s engineers have been hard at work.

I’ve seen beavers farther down the river.

Maybe the new generation is working on a real estate development upstream.


Linda Sue said...

Those are the sort of developers I like a lot...They actually have a purpose besides greed . I used to watch them for days up in the mountains, build and dam and have their little beavs in the huts they built. So cool.

Anonymous said...

Not being used to beavers here in Australia Leenie, if I were in your country and saw that head poking above the water I'd say to all and sundry "Did you see the size of that huge water rat!! - unbelievable!!"

Carla said...

Did they get all the proper permits and licenses for such a development? :)
I know folks have a love/hate relationship with beavers. Mostly it has to do with trees being killed and areas flooding because of their dens.

Elizabeth said...

An eager beaver, perhaps?!!!!

Jill said...

What a great spot, they are trying to reintroduce beavers to some remote parts of the UK - in Scotland initially.