Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday afternoon was sunny and warm.

Then THIS came boiling across the sky.

The wind picked up and the birds sought shelter.

Then wind began to come in roaring gusts and rain poured down.
DH and I got a call for help and left in the car immediately.

The streets were awash and the gutters were filling.
On we went past the McDonald's.

Rain came down faster than the wipers could clear it.

We hurried out of town.

Through the construction. There's always construction.

Out into the farm land.

To rescue Youngest Son.  He was out putting some miles on his bike when the sky opened up.

He gladly packed his bicycle in the car.  
"It was hailing here.  Hail hurts!"


Jill said...

I always enjoy your photo stories Leenie, we could do with a drop of rain here too, but you can keep the hail stones!

Deborah Moore said...

What an adventure, I wonder if this is where my mom's advice comes from. She always said that after a disaster or huge mess to take a picture, because it might not be funny now, but hopefully you'll be able to laugh at it later.
You inspire me to take more pictures and live more in the moment.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow..least he was ok..and appears amused! (while you worried) ha..our weather can really change fast. This looks like you got nailed! I can remember it only hailing once in S. I stared out the window as it fell. Well you took your camera along anyway..I can relate-

Unknown said...

I about fell out of my chair laughing! Ask him if he is made of sugar... it was just a "little" rain storm... rofl!!!

Anonymous said...

No matter how old they get, they are still our babies and we still have to look after them!!

jeanie said...

Wow - I remember hearing once that you got 10% less raindrops if you ran through the rain - so I hope he got 25% less hailstones at least. Glad all is well.

Carla said...

Oh no! I hope the hail wasn't followed by a tornado.
I'm glad you got a little celebrating in before the sky opened up. Big kids still call on mom and dad in a pinch, huh? :)