Sunday, August 29, 2010


The rodeo we went to the other night was for local wranglers, no admission ticket for the crowd, and everybody in the stands was a neighbor.

We got to there a little late so we missed the Mutton Busting event.
But Evil Erin’s photo from the Pullman, Washington rodeo pretty much tells the story.
Pole Bending is a sort of timed slalom course.
A challenge for both horse and rider.
The junior wranglers and their friends get to hang out behind the gates like the big guys.
It’s all business in the prep for the big ride on the calf.
They come banging out of the gate just like the professional riders.
The kids wear a protective vest.
Because danger is part of the game.  I hope the only thing this rider hurt was his pride.

Bigger rider, bigger calf.
Bigger fall.
Ribbon Roping is a timed team event.  The roper catches the calf.

The runner removes a ribbon tied to its tail and runs it back. The skilled horse is an important part of the team.

This is just a photo of the handsome buckskin and his rider.
In a casual setting like this, rules can be stretched.  This ribbon team is dad and son with a promise to grandma that the baby doesn’t get hurt.

Dad ropes the calf.
Grandpa runs in to snag the calf.

“Quick! Grab the ribbon, Son!”

Go! Go! Go!

By convincing rodeo cowboys and cowgirls to sport the color pink during competition, a creative and unlikely breast cancer awareness campaign is celebrating a great deal of success.  In the  Tough Enough To Wear Pink?™ campaign the rodeo competitors and fans alike are wearing pink to rodeos and western events across America to raise funds for cancer research.


Deborah Moore said...

What a lovely set up of photos. I love the tough enough to wear pink bit though. We love to say cowboy up, even though we're pretty firmly placed on the city slicker end of things.

TALON said...

Thank you for the photos! It's been a while since I've been to a rodeo (used to partipate in barrel racing) and this brought back some great memories.

That is awesome about the "Tough Enough to Wear Pink?" campaign!

fifi said...

its kind of amazing to see these and think that it isn't some kind of movie set, but real.
I'm very glad to think that this is some family out having fun, but I'm also glad I'm not the roped calf.

Sarah said...

Any show with animals, kids, cowboys and ful on action would have me there like a shot! It looks fantastic! Your photos are brilliant-really conveying the action. I am reading All The Pretty Horses at the moment, all about some adventuring young cowboys who go off to Mexico. It is a whole other world and really interesting! Have you seen 'Did You Hear About the Morgans'(I think it is called) when they go off to hide there are cowboys in the superstore and the wife of the sheriff they are staying with is buying herself another gun! Sounds a bit like your main street! (From the post below I think!) Loved that one too-it is great that kids know about animals as they are growing up. They are an exotic treat for the kids I teach!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to a rodeo! It's good to see the children participating, instead of being glued to tv/computer games!

Maude Lynn said...

These are fabulous pictures!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I really think your captures are terrific! I went to a rodeo several years ago- my shots weren't as husband and his family are into it (we saw them there) (ranching and riding)..he even has an Uncle Bully (lol). My husband rode motorcycles! (Smile)..didn't even join me! Again, your photos really came out nice! Its exciting to watch, though I can imagine how fun to participate if it was familiar ground!

Linda Sue said...

comforting- like "home"...back in the day when I could wear levis comfortably...sit on the shoots and flirt with the talent...


Nothing better than fine fun free entertainment.
Glad you invited us along.