Friday, October 22, 2010


It was just another morning at work. Following a customer's instructions, I had finished a logo depicting three cowboys holding bricklayer's tools high in the air while sitting on horses (I'm not making this up) to be printed with text and phone number on tee shirts.  I saved the art and then sent it to my printer.  Suddenly everything went black.  Alarms went off all over the building as computer power source backups kicked in.  No electricity.  The boss was gone on vacation.  He was phoned.  His instructions were for everyone possible to take an early lunch.

From the darkness in the office I could see blue sky and golden trees out the window.  I thought I could save the boss even more employee pay.  I took the rest of the day off.

I hurried home,  jumped into some blue jeans, jammed a baseball cap on my head, grabbed my bike (yes, I keep it in the house…remember, no garage) and hurried out the door.

 Up the hill I went--

--past the harvested grain fields; now planted with winter wheat and getting a drink from a huge center-pivot sprinkler.

 On I continued past thousands of acres of emptied potato fields.

 Then down the road by new potato cellars 
recently packed to the ceilings with harvest.

 I passed old spud cellars being used for storage of excess harvest or farm equipment.

I went east until--

--I came to this sign.  I was on my street bike and a long way from town.  

This day was probably the very last of such perfect weather, but I was sweaty and thirsty and out of road.  Hadda go home and face housework.

After enlightenment—the laundry.
Zen proverb


Flea said...

You go, girl. Sounds like the perfect day. :) And I LOVE the proverb.

TALON said...

You weren't asking for a sign, Leenie, but it seems you got one! :)

Oh, how lovely to be out on the bike and just getting that alone time we all need. Sounds so good!

I loved the zen proverb - that was great!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ha ha)) and a fitting proverb! I love that photo above of what's his name ! The project before the your sudden black-out break sounds really intriguing!! What different surroundings too..the wheat fields waiting for a drink and the potato cellar under clear blue skies! Hey- I understand about the bike being in the house- especially something you enjoy doing so much- aside from being healthy! You know, we don't have one either..but I've remarked to my husband that the two of us should walk around our home wearing dunce caps for not making sure we included extra lumber for a proper over hang! (Rain rain- over hang)). Well, thanks for the journey-hope you have a wonderful weekend! Oh ((appreciated your comment/snicker too)) lol

susan m hinckley said...

I'm writing that proverb down right now.

Anonymous said...

We have a garage - but we hardly ever put a car in it (we have two cars, but the garage is only one and a half cars wide!!) Your day sure beat working! We live in a potato growing area - but not quite on the scale of yours!

Maude Lynn said...

Pavement Ends --- that's where I want to be!

Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed my bike ride with you!
What wide open spaces.
Such fun.
I hope the power goes out often!

Your zen proverb was too wonderful.
May I steal it?

jeanie said...

What a great escape!!!