Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Jackson, Wyoming began as a settlement for trappers and mountain men in the 1800’s.  It has grown, prospered and now morphed into a full blown tourist town. Around the town square, businesses push kitschy trinkets and overpriced duds for dudes.  There is a plethora of galleries selling artsy items in the ba-zillion dollar range.  Movie stars stroll the boardwalks in search of the latest in ski fashions in the winter when they come to be seen at the three nearby resorts.
At six in the afternoon a crowd gathers at one corner of the town square to watch the “shootout.” Actors from one of the town’s playhouses show up in their western gear to present a cheezy melodramatic gunfight while promoting their production for the evening—usually Oklahoma! or, as in this case, Annie Get Your Gun.
This guy, the sarsaparilla salesman, started the event off by scaring everybody out of their shorts with a blast from his shotgun.
He told the crowd how his sarsaparilla
could cure all ills and promote good health.
A “customer” in full cowboy gear stepped up to endorse the product.  Claiming he could hardly walk until he drank sarsaparilla, and now he could dance.

Several other characters arrived and took the salesman to task because the sarsaparilla didn't make them become taller or help their hair grow long and lovely as claimed. 
This guy said most of his hair fell out after trying the drink and took off his hat to prove it.
There was then much shouting.
Guns blazed and smoke filled the air. 
While the crowd watched and held their ears
the cowboys went down in all manner of agony and glory.
Soon no one in the street was left standing except the lady in the fancy dress and the bar maid.  Fancy Lady encouraged one and all to show up later to see their play at the theater. 


Anonymous said...

Fine lookin' people ya got acting there Leenie. I think there's a reason some people have stage presence, and some are better suited to generating applause,although I must say there's one photo where it looks like someone's told the crowd "Can you act like the sun's in your face?"

Leenie said...

Yes, that is quite a "sun in the eyes" group performance. hehe

Kilauea Poetry said... down right amusing with an intriguing background-terrific! What a pretty lady..and that blond guy reminds me of Owen Wilson. Looks like a great group and some good fun! A perfect day too-
I enjoyed this:)-

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a lovely publicity stunt for their performance. I loved your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh - I want to visit and see all this!!

DayPhoto said...

I had to laugh! Silverton has a show like this one when the train pulls into town. It's always a hoot.


Sarah said...

This sounds like a great specatacle for the tourists-and I feel like one of those now having had a front row seat through your camera!
Thanks for the lovely comments about the photos-I am having lots of fun! And also the fibonacci tip(probably wrong spelling!) There may be some practical and playful way of helping three and four year olds with it-starting with the sunflower of course!

Short Poems said...

What a lovely post, great pics :)