Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 This is what greeted me when I opened the blinds in the kitchen this morning.
More snow. A bit too early for my taste.  But snowboarders and skiers are celebrating.

Icicles can start to feel like prison bars.

Even with all-wheel drive the trip to work was slip and slide.
(I really HATE going down the street sideways.)

But sunshine arrived in the mailbox!
One of my favorite bloggers--
has published her second calendar.  I ordered mine before it was sold out.
It was like summer in a package!  Thanks, BB!  I love the photos
and the quotes and the colors and the horses and...
Anyway, I'm not waiting until January to hang it up.   I need to know that


susan m hinckley said...

Boo hoo! November is TOO EARLY to start that kind of nonsense. I understand your pain completely.

And what a gorgeous calendar! I have many days where I need to know the sun is shining somewhere. That's why I can tell you more about the weather forecast in Albuquerque most days than I can about the weather in MN. We all have to survive somehow. Sending you melty thoughts!

Sarah said...

It seems no time at all since last year's snow! it has been feeling cold enough here to snow too but it hasn't yet. The calendar looks most warming!

Krista said...

Awesome about the sunshine arriving for you just when you needed it. It's always nice to pretend you're somewhere else.

TALON said...

Your photos make the snow (except the car shot) look pretty. Yeah, you'd think they'd have come up with a way to have tires that melt the snow as we drive or something. It's always hard to get back into the snow driving mode...not looking forward to that.

That calendar is gorgeous!

We had sunshine today and it made it to nearly we're on a rollercoaster. It felt nearly balmy out...and now I'll get out of here because I know you're sticking your tongue out at me! :)

Anonymous said...

Never mind looking at the beautiful calendar --- if I had your weather this early in the winter, I would be booking a flight to Australia!!

BB said...

Oh GREAT to see it arrived safely... I cannot BELIEVE your weather. Gads.

Mind you, in about a month I'll be looking for one or two of those icicles as we hit REAL summer here. While I love the sunshine - the 40+ degrees Celsius (104 F) knock me sideways.

DayPhoto said...

Your snow arrive here last night.


Anzu said...

Our daily life is automobile-dependent, however
I can't drive in such the snow.
I give up.ヘ(x_x;)ヘ
Please drive with care !!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I love those icicles and the enchanting blue tones! I miss our fireplace growing up..but it never snowed in the city where I lived (hailed once). I hope it snows here this year (ha ha). It will be brief- that's why I can say it. I can imagine me fussing as my dad an I would argue over the thermostat! Wow..snow falling is gorgeous!

kendalee said...

Oh my goodness, and here I was all ready to whinge about the cold rain and gale force winds we've been having this week... that puts my bad weather firmly in perspective! Very early, isn't it? Pretty though.

Love the calendar - it does look beautifully sunshiney.

Keep toasty!