Friday, January 14, 2011


It was seven in the morning but still DARK thanks to that lazy sun still vacationing down south.  A big snow storm went through last night and flakes were still falling when I took a walk to the park.  The city workers had already cleared the path.

Neighbor guys who would normally be trying to sleep in were up early clearing snow using their four-wheelers with plow attached. They were zooming all over the place using the snow-plow excuse to play in the fresh powder.  They have so much fun at their task that they even move snow that doesn't need to be moved.

Taking photos at that time of day is a challenge.  There is the choice of using a flash and a wide open lens like my first picture.  Or set the shutter for s-l-ow and try to hold still for a couple of seconds.

Of course with no tripod the results get a little smeary.  
What the heck, take advantage of the situation.

I'll call this one.  
"Ice patch!-- AAAAAAAAAH!--Crash"

This one is

This one is, 
"Dodging Traffic That is Skidding on Ice"

Enough of that.  
Better walk back home before the students wake up and try to drive in this stuff.


Kara Bunnell said...

AWESOME!!!! thats exactly what it looked like when I almost slipped and face planted this morning. :) love it!

Linda Sue said...

You must have really good grips on the souls of your shoes- And what ever you are doing up at 7:00 in the dark winter is way would i ever have that inclination- you did get some fun shots and I suppose that alone makes it worth while- very cool! Leenie does not hibernate.

susan m hinckley said...

I was wondering what you were doing going for a walk at that time of day . . . it's a good thing we have a dog or I might never leave the house on foot from about November-March. (cool pics!)

Maude Lynn said...


Sarah said...

I like these-both types-and your captions! And you make me laugh with your student driving comments! I would love to have a go at a snow plough-I can see why they get up early. I will tell Khy that you made him smile.
Stay warm!

Flea said...

Thank you for sharing these! I only wish I had wonderful snow to wander out into the darkness and photograph ... *sigh*

TALON said...

lol! Loved the shots, Leenie, even the blurred ones (which always seem magical to me).

We got seven fresh inches overnight so now that the dogs have had their playtime, I'm heading out to see what I can shoot...

Regina said...

"They have so much fun at their task that they even move snow that doesn't need to be moved" ..Oh goodness! My husband got ahold of a nice piece of machinery (thankfully the deal he got on a fork lift has been keeping him occupied), but- the bob cat..he made extra nice wide swaths in the yard!! Consequently, I get to step over tall wet grass and vines that don't belong; who were only happy to fill the gap?
Well I love your pictures- looks fun..the snow (you probably heard we have now)- but who knows when I can take something adequate!
The snow falling and squiggles are so cool-
Hope you have a terrific weekend:)

Elizabeth said...

The green light is pretty damn spooky!
and I love the light-brite swirly experiments.

My new Xmas camera is much better at night shots which I tried yesterday........

Buster sends his love!

Elizabeth said...

re men --or kids with machines that burn fossil fuels

my husband (aged 63 - the fossil) spent yesterday with his friend who has a TOW-TRUCK on Long Island

he said he had a great day
he tow- trucks every six weeks or so

beats being a namby-pamby painter all the time

DayPhoto said...

WOW! I hope you were not hurt!!!