Thursday, March 31, 2011


Round shaped vintage bottles 
with their embossed lettering on the side are worth 

quite a bit more than when they were first made.

  Apparently, this style of  milk bottle was replaced 
by a different style around the 1930's.

  The round shaped milk bottles were replaced by square shaped milk bottles 

and embossing gave way to pyroglazed, or painted labels that are heat set. 
The embossing or the painted label usually 
identified the dairy, the town and the state. 
Most bottles were made from clear glass, so a customer 
could see at a glance that the milk was still good. 
Colored milk bottles were hardly 
ever used, and as such are quite rare.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
When Lin Cooper was in high school in the early 1930’s 
he lived in Pocatello, Idaho. He and his uncles, Jim and Buster, 
got a job milking cows. There was no barn so they would 
catch the cows and milk them in the corral. 
 They got a contract to deliver the milk to the C.C.C. Camps. 
Their sorrel horse, Dan, became so familiar with the 
delivery route that he could stop at all the right places by himself.

  Joe and Lin Cooper on their horses in Pocatello, Idaho 

Lin’s dad also leased seven acres of farm land 
near the Portneuf River and planted it in onions. 
 Old Dan got loose and got into the onion fields.
 He ate so many of the onions that all his hair fell out.


Sarah said...

Great story-Dan sounds like a real character. I love old embossed bottles. I wonder if the history of milk bottles is similar here.

Linda Sue said...

Old bottles used to be so common- that's how old I am! I like the ones for medicine- and poison- sometimes they are the same.

Sarah said...

Yes-I like the decanters more! I did want to do my bathroom cabinet but every time I open the door something falls out and I also where it is would make it awkward to draw!

Elizabeth said...

I think Lin Cooper looks rather a heart throb!

Janie said...

Interesting about the milk bottles. Poor old Dan! I had no idea onions would make a horse's hair fall out.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't all those onions have made Dan gassy as well?
My father swears he hates onions and never eats them. As mum does all the cooking she often adds onions and says he eats wolfs down the results and asks for more.
Lately I've noticed he has hardly any hair left. Maybe she's been upping the onion factor - as for gassy, he's always been that way."Pull my finger" he used to say when I was a kid! One of those Dad jokes that make you cringe.
Loved your photos Leenie.

TALON said...

So neat! Poor Dan - I bet his breath wasn't too sweet either - lol!

I remember the cream separating from the milk in the bottle and my Mother using it in her tea...
I grew up in a small town that had horse-drawn milk delivery well into the early 70's. I knew every horse by name and often caught a ride on the wagon. You've brought back some super memories, Leenie. Thank you.

Anzu said...

At this earthquake in Japan, every one is eager to get milk. Milk is sold out at every shops, (ω・`))(´・ω・`)(( ´・ω) and now it's precious one for our healthy life. I noticed thanks to labors for milk.

Anairam said...

I like the old glass bottles. Hmmm, didn't know that about onions - I LOVE onions, so I had better watch out. Don't want to lose the few hairs I still have. PS I hope you are patient Madame Leenie - envelope not posted yet - I should get to it this weekend. Ha, by the time you get your get-well card you will be, well ... well!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Poor old Dan - hope it grew again.

Deborah Moore said...

I love the collection of bottle's, and I appreciate the stories as well. I really appreciate all that you do to document your life and the families life as well.

Maude Lynn said...

His hair fell out? How weird!

DayPhoto said...

I'll send you some of our's if you would like. Terry's grandparents and parents had a dairy and delivered milk.


Anonymous said...

When I was at primary school (from age 5 to 11) we used to get milk every day in little bottles which held a third of a pint. I love the story about Dan - but don't want to think about the gas aspect!!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Love the bottles but the onion story and no hair true or not is hilarious. I have quite a few milk bottles. I will post them someday we used to go old dump digging fun fun. Take care B

susan m hinckley said...

Another awesome story! Combined with great antiques -- now that's entertainment. I wonder if onions are what happened to my husband's hair?