Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Two years ago I wrote a post about a famous mansion by the river.

The residents are the kind who spend the harsh 
winter months in their home to the south.

This is a well known osprey nest that's been occupied
and added on for several years.  Unfortunately, the big
bird's nest has taken a beating in the wind.

(photo from our local paper)

When they return this spring they will find most of the nest
gone.  A big storm scattered their mansion on to the
bridge below.  They'll have to hurry to rebuild before
starting their family.


Sarah said...

Poor Osprey. I hope they are quick builders. When I saw teh nest in place it was hard to tell just how big it is-but you can see that really well once it is on the ground. Most impressive.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the word "bummer" is in bird-speak. Hope it doesn't take long to rebuild when there will soon be gaping mouths to feed.

Anonymous said...

oh no. what a terible surprise that will be for the birds on their return

Anonymous said...

I guess they are used to seeing their nest gone and re-build every year.

It's a magnificent nest though!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - I hope they manage to get it rebuilt in time to breed!

Anzu said...

What a pity!
However, they should set to work to build a more creative and modern house.((((o゚▽゚)o)))

Linda Sue said...

It did look vulnerable- they should rethink their next home site. Damn storms! I have one in my head right now...it is trying to topple me over but HA! I have ADVIL!
Sending well wishes to you Dear Leenie!

TALON said...

Wow! I've never seen an osprey's nest and are they ever huge! So sad that the nest tumbled. I wonder if they'll rethink the location or not...or are they totally loyal to their nesting sites? Isn't there something neat in nature utilizing man-made structures? I smiled when I saw some sparrows building their nest in the large letter "b" of a local pizzeria in a large plaza. I couldn't help thinking the birds knew the alphabet - lol!

lizziviggi said...

Oh, how sad. What work must have gone into building that home! I think, though, that birds who practice perserverance with their migration of hundreds (thousands?) of miles twice a year will probably have no problem building a new nest. It truly was an impressive one.

The bald eagle I posted yesterday also comes back to the same nest in the same tree every year. The tree is beginning to lean and not look very healthy, but hopefully it will last!

Buttons Thoughts said...

That is to bad. I like the word mansion. B

Maude Lynn said...

Good thing that didn't land on a car!