Friday, May 20, 2011


The sun wasn’t having much success working its way through the overcast skies.  
The Grand Teton Mountains still have plenty of snow, 
but the long wet winter means a lot of water moving into the rivers.

The Teton River is near flood stage and was almost over the road in a few places.  
I was walking along, getting ready to take some snapshots with my pocket camera 
when this happened.

Holy, crap!  A young moose wandered into my view finder.  
A young moose is really not much of a threat, but at this time of year 
a young creature of any kind often comes with a defensive momma.

 I stood very still and looked around.  If Mrs. Moose came charging 
out of the trees I was in deep trouble.  I had the choice of a flooded river
on one side, or boggy woods and scraggy old cottonwood trees on the other.  
Or I could run.  I haven’t tried running for a couple of months, 
but I had a feeling that a shot of adrenaline might give my feet some help.

Moose Jr. made quite a show of being tough.  He raised the hair 
on his hump, put back his ears and lowered his head as he crossed the road.

I finally guessed he was alone.  He walked on a little farther 
and turned to check me out. 

I must not have seemed to be very intimidating because he decided 
to forget me and get some breakfast. I carefully continued on my walk.

When I had moved on, Moose Jr. went back across the road 
and returned down to the river.  I hurried home, 
thankful I didn’t have to find out how fast I could run.

(The photograph of the Grand Tetons is from an unknown source.  It arrived in an email.)


Sarah said...

Lucky escape! Moose are so strange-like a tall cow mixed with a skinny horse. I love that photo of the montains at the beginning.

Maude Lynn said...

He's so cute! Glad you didn't meet Mama, though.

Mrs Catch said...

Wonderful and scary at the same time. That photo of the mountains is awesome!

TheSims said...

Glad you didnt have to run. Strange what the high waters push out into the open. We have had a wild turkey in our yard for the last week, and I saw a flock of what I think were storks in the lake in the golf course. The road is still flooded and the water is digging a hole out of the side of the road. We are still high and dry though. What a strange spring.

susan m hinckley said...

I'm always amazed at how BIG a moose is. We encountered one on a walk near Park City last year. I've been thinking about you and the impending (inevitable) floods that are going to occur out there -- hope all-things-Leenie remain dry and on high ground!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos - but I'm glad you didn't have to set a new world record for sprinting!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully delicate moose! And that first shot is amazing!!

Unknown said...

Don't blame you for worrying about Momma Moose. Those are some BIG critters!

Anzu said...

Thank you for sharing the thrilling story of your few encounter in one morning. It's lucky he was hungry and alone. The Grand Teton Mountains's scenery is fabulous !!

Linda Sue said...

OH Leenie- this is exquisite! The rounded taller than meadow bits of land here are called mountains- they just don't know! What an amazing shot!
I am thinking that you need a companion to do your walks with, Lassie or a really smart Navy seal dog that has been retired or injured- they are so smart - they would take care of you out there in between the woods and the river, and then they would be grateful to you for just being.
Glad you didn't harm yourself trying to run, for gawdsake! Your internals are pleased about that as well.
Thanks for the majestic mountain shot! Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Leenie. Only ever having seen photos of moose,and occasional film footage they look like the most ungainly creatures.
On a bushwalk once, I thought someone was rushing through the undergrowth to attack me but it was a few kangaroos that bounded off into the distance. It does make your heart race!

Flea said...

Holy moley! Hooray for being safe and mama moose-free!

DayPhoto said...

OH! MY! HEAVENS! I'm glad you were okay...MOOSE CAN BE FERIOUS!


TALON said...

So glad you are okay, Leenie, and that Mr. Jr. Moose was old enough to be travelling alone! I think you're right - you would have developed adrenaline wings pretty darn quick!