Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last June we had a lot of water in places we weren’t used to.

No Overnight Parking.

No Parking Anytime.

 Now the water is back where it usually goes.  
But still No Overnight Parking.

Still No Parking Anytime here.
Who’s going to tell the birds and the moose?

 Or the bunnies.  
This one is parking his little cotton tail while he gets his breakfast.

 That is--until this annoying human comes wandering along.

 Can’t a bunny park and get a little fast food without being harassed?

FINE.  I’ll get my munchies elsewhere.

 One final note:  being built low to the ground, 
I just love seeing my long, lean shadow early in the morning.


TexWisGirl said...

LOL! i'm a bit 'low to the ground' myself so can SO relate!

lovely little rabbit pal!

Sarah said...

Bunnies are just so cute!
I am quite tall and so my shadow looks like a giantess in the morning!

Pearl said...

Bunnies are notorious for failing to observe the simplest of signs.


p.s. I, too, am built low to the ground. :-) Makes us harder to knock over!

Linda Sue said...

I am a tank, squatty body- shorter than that bunny, who is extraordinarily adorable! The signs that tell you not to park in the middle of a raging flood are just so sensible, so glad that they are there, how else would you know??

Kara Bunnell said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day in your neighborhood. :)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Cool photos and I do love your take on this world. I think you look very very tall. B

TALON said...

lol - the original fast food! :)

lizziviggi said...

That bunny doesn't think you're very low to the ground!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the bunny hopping off - I got a 1st prize with a similar photo at the weekend!!

susan m hinckley said...

I can so relate to the beauty of a long shadow! But being low to the ground helps us notice things like bunnies, I think.

And thanks for your beautiful painting, which arrived today! I plan to become a regular customer, because your work is so very lovely (and inexpensive enough to make me feel a bit guilty, btw.) But until you figure that out ... I could give Leenie originals as gifts? Yes, please!

Terry and Linda said...

LOL! You got photos of the bunny and I the skunks! What a good day for all of us!


Debbie said...

wow....we are on the same page with the shadows!!

and the bunny, too cute for words. they aways make me think of easter and colored eggs!!!

Carla said...

Please send all your extra water to me, asap. :)
I love when irony gets involved in signage.

Anzu said...

Please paint the lovely friend you met, and add your cheerful silhouette on the picture.(o^-')b
I'm looking forward to such your fantastic picture.