Friday, December 14, 2012


Another expedition—okay--walk, to learn how to use my new camera.  This time instead of following the jogging path I opted for the brushy area at the end of the airport runway.

Our winter snowfall and cold weather is ‘way overdue.  
The ice on the river should be solid and the snow should be knee-deep.

More deer tracks on the mud.

The view wasn’t real scenic with all the gray skies and naked trees.  
Then I realized without tree leaves the summer homes of the birds were much easier to see.

Some nests were very artistic.  I’m guessing this one was built by a robin. 
It is so well designed and has survived a multitude of wind storms.

The orioles build these highly engineered and fastidious structures.

A posh home of the bird aristocracy.

In contrast there are magpie nests.  Magpies are some of nature’s hoarders.
  They can’t throw anything away and love to bring home shiny things.

I’m glad this hornet nest is very high and empty.

 Nests under the bridge built by swallows one-mouthful-of-mud-at-a-time.
  Swallowing might be a bad idea.

Then I came across this large and odd construction 
thirty feet up in a cottonwood tree.

The same viewed from below.  I’m guessing it is unfinished because somebody’s mom found out where all the lumber from their fence was going and wasn’t too keen on spending an afternoon at the emergency room.

The only thing sort of exciting was a whiff of stink from a wandering skunk.  No deer.

At least I didn’t see the deer, but I think I scared the crap out of him.


Sarah said...

I love all the nests. They are such amazing things. Amongst my various hoards of things(I am a magpie!) are the nests I found in the ivy and a section of wasp's nest from my friend's shed.
It has gone mild and windy here today after about two weeks of really cold weather. We were forecast to have snow but it was wrong-the weather front was stopped by another one or something. Battle of the weather fronts! I love the really cold weather though, much more than the mild rainy type. I have had a great time outside with the kids this week-not many-only a few real die-hards and me, but it is all the better for that!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I love this I would have loved to been on this trip with you. B

Val said...

I've never seen an oriole's nest. Our bare trees here in Missouri are full of squirrel nests, leafier and sloppier than a magpie's.

As for that boardy thing, I would call it a deer hunter's nest.

Terry and Linda said...

Your nest post was a great idea! I enjoyed them all! I really liked the magpie...I rather like magpies.


Leenie said...

Val: You may be right about the platform in the tree being a deer hunters nest. But to me it still looks like self-inflicted mayhem waiting to happen.

Alica said...

This was a neat idea...I never thought of what all you can see when the leaves are off the trees. Still chuckling over your last caption! :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos of the nests ..... and then I got to the end - I'm still laughing!!!!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i love all your nests...birds, bees, people! AND (of course) the deer POOP!! haha!

i think the views are quite scenic...bare trees and all!! COOL!

here's hoping you get some snow soon...huh?!!

OH and by the way, i really like your new profile pic!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks for the look at all your nests:)