Friday, February 15, 2013


I inherited straight hair--no bending, no curving, and thick.

For the past few months I’ve been in recovery from an encounter
 with a perky, young beautician fresh out of beauty school—

 who left me looking something like this.

 A three month grow-out left me looking like this.

 Not too long ago my granddaughter had her mom give her a perm.

 Then her hair looked like this.

 The last time I had a perm, most people’s hair looked like this.
 I guess that puts me on the slippery side of over the hill.

 So I’ll blame senility for finding myself looking in the mirror at this the other day.

A self-inflicted perm.  As in permanent.

 After a haircut I looked like this.

 The blow dryer didn’t help.

 Neither did gel.

 I told my daughter I was considering another haircut.
 Maybe I’d have it chopped down to about two inches.

Then with some piercings I could look like this.

 My daughter said I should spike it and color it purple.

With a little leather and a studded collar I could look like this!

 Perhaps a hat could hide the disaster.

 How about the rustic geezer look?

 Other people wear strange hats and look just fine.

 I understand there was a rush to own a copy of this hat.

 Maybe my new ‘do will help me be a better artist.
 Or not.



Anonymous said...

You you get older and your hair thins you'll be willing to accept ANY of those 'do's' if it meant you had lots of hair again lol.

Val said...

I have no doubt that you are adept at painting happy little clouds.

TALON said...

Oh, Lordie! I'm having bad haircut flashbacks, Leenie! (Thankfully not much photographic evidence to support them!)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well you make me laugh and I don't even look in the mirror most times to see if I even have hair. Maybe I am an artist or crazy:) Have a nice weekend. Oh yeah just though maybe just lazy:) B

Alica said...

Thanks for the laughs! Love the cat hat especially. Btw, after your comment on my post about clipping cows...I just about couldn't stop laughing! :)

Brian King said...

LOL! Now that is funny! I'd want to look like anyone but The Donald!

Birdie said...

OH, dear. I have insanely thick hair too. It never, ever looks really good. It did look good in the 80's when BIG hair was in and I had it permed but that is just not a great look for me now. It would be great if I could always wear a hat.

Sarah said...

Oh dear! I hope you stop having your extended bad hair day soon. I had two home perms in the eighties, at the same time as having hair in various shades of colour due to bad dyeing-I was compared to Joey Ramone at one point!

Carla said...

Oh my goodness! So funny! I especially love the last one----at least you'll be happy whilst you paint. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to the hairdressers on Thursday - now I'm nervous! It's many years since I last had a perm - I have embraced my straightness!!

R's Rue said...

Cute post!

Anairam said...

Hahaha!! I hope it grows out soon but I am sure it doesn't look at all as bad as you think. Anyway, I decided post-45 = a bob (of sorts) - just beyond the bottom of my earlobes, and post-60 I'll wear it short.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on some great posts here Leenie. Thanks for the laughs.

Terry and Linda said...

I wanted to try a new hairdresser daughter asked me in a horrified voice....are you sure you have enough hair for that! I got the message...way to thin hair now that I'm moving into the middle of the 60's.


Jan Blawat said...

Oh, thank you! I was just considering a permanent so I could do something with the ridiculous short hair cut I have. Now I think I'll just patiently wait for it to grow out. You saved me.

Leenie said...

Glad I could help.