Thursday, March 7, 2013


Fish in the sink is a common occurrence around here.

The guys go fishing sometimes once or twice a week 
and bring home big rainbow and brown trout from the deep, cold lakes not far from here.

 When this happens I just get out of the way and prepare for a 
main dish of the freshest, finest trout imaginable.  
The guys clean the fish and leave the kitchen spotless.  How can I complain about that?

DH brought home a monster the other day.

  It was a German Brown Trout which weighed close to six pounds 
and was twenty-two inches long.  
That’s about the size of most newborn people babies.

 Look at those teeth!  
That’s DH’s hand plus the scrapes on his fingers he got removing the hook.

(I just realized I've set myself up for censure from the Friends of Fish --whatever)

Below is a short video of two of our sons and their dad
fishing Hebgen Lake, Montana in January. 
Plus a visit from one of the locals.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S what I call a fresh supper.

Alica said...

That video was amazing! Wow! It's a wonder that Charlie doesn't just follow them home!

Carla said...

Please tell me you have a smoker! Smoked trout, yum!!
PS...Your men leave the kitchen spotless?? Where did you find them. I want one!

joeh said...

I've seen that before, very cool.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I miss fishing with my Dad but ice fishing have to say for the brave. Great catch. B

Joanne Noragon said...

My husband fished. I remember it took a lot more bass to make a meal.

Linda Sue said...

F.O.F. we have a few things to say
"glub glub bubble blub. Swoosh wiggle mawmawmaw". Harsh, wouldn't you say?
I do have fisherman envy, man clean the kitchen envy and dinner envy. Beautiful six pounder- WOW!!! that is a splendid fish- gorgeous! Insane ice fishing. Charley has the right idea.

Sandra said...

I use to fish with my dad and granddaddy. Great memories. Now I just like to eat them! Not clean them! Sandra

Terry and Linda said...

WOW! Now that is a fish! Are you going to have it stuffed?


Brian King said...

Wow! Nice catch! That's a beauty and a big 'un! Love fresh fish!

Val said...

I thought PETA decreed that fish are now referred to as SEA KITTENS. Because nobody will want to eat SEA KITTEN STICKS. You're in big trouble.

Leenie said...

Linda: The fish was too big to pay for the $$$ it would cost to have it stuffed. Besides DH already has big fish on his wall.
VAL: When sea kittens grow fur and catch and kill rodents maybe they won't get made into sea kitten sticks.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Leenie,

Must be fish day/week!
Just got back from Morocco where we saw some astounding fish.

I posted lots of pictures
they are not very politically correct in Africa.....!!

Anzu said...

Wow! (;`O´)o/ ̄ ̄~ >゚))))彡
I want to be Charley.
The raw trout must be a delicacy like Sashimi in Japan.