Saturday, March 23, 2013


Yes, the calendar says its spring. 
Yes, the crocus tried to bloom.
No, there's still plenty of winter left.

Oh yeah, forgot.

Thought this was funny, Bob.

I just needed this as an ego booster today.


joeh said...

When I walk through a spider web I squeal like a little girl.

Is that bad?

fishducky said...

You're my hero!!

Joanne Noragon said...

I remember a big snow storm on March 31st sixteen years ago. I remember a big snow storm the second Tuesday of April, eight or nine years ago. I do not want to remember 2013.

Birdie said...

Holy crap! I know the difference between a Phillips and a flat head. I should run for mayor!

Brian King said...

Nobody looks cool walking through a spider web! LOL!

Val said...

My husband passed the spiderweb test. But he failed miserably on the test called "Put your hands in your coverall pockets and find two nests of pink hairless blind baby mice."

Janice Grinyer said...

if you scratch the "i can cook" part and insert "I have two horses" to that last comment - thats the reason why Foresterman married me LOL I was a catch back in 1910 - too bad I wasnt born until 50 years later LOL

and when we timbercruise, I most always during some time of the contract start talking like sam while we are walking in the woods, mentioning potatoes... or like pippin and mention second breakfast, third lunch etc...

and the spider web theory? "What spider web?" my foresterman would say, standing there with cobs floating off his head...

Buttons Thoughts said...

Man I am a catch too:)
Spring is coming right:) ?

Carla said...

Ha, love the one about the spider's web!!

Val, I would SO have loved seeing the dance your hubby did (and how quickly he got out of this coveralls) when he discovered the baby mice. :)

Leenie said...

joeh-I would like to see that.
fishducky--thanks, I try.
Joanne--and we still have November and December of 2013 ahead of us.
Birdie--I'd vote for you!
Brian--you should see the look on the spider's face.
Val--this sounds like excellent blog fodder!
feralwoman--owning two horses trumps cooking, plus you have fearless foresterman to boot!
Buttons--you are most certainly a catch. Not holding my breath for spring.
Carla--I'm with you and wanting to see the coverall dance.

TALON said...

We've got the same problem - Old Man Winter is staying put for now. No amount of cajoling can get him to stop the darn snowing!!

Ewww - I hate walking through webs. I then obsess that the spider is crawling somewhere on my body!

Linda Sue said...

So sorry- I told you that you should move up here...we have BLOOMS! The sun came out today and erased every bit of bad attitude!! It was actually warm, door open, Dexter snoozing in the bright yellow beams...ahhhh- you should move up here at least for the sunny days...there is a cool property up the street on a half acre! Room to have an organic garden and some critters. Room for all of you babies...better jump on it quick! Then I will move in with you.

Elizabeth said...

Still no spring round here either!


Terry and Linda said...

Terrible here also...2 above went I got up and 39* for the high with a frigid wind.

I am TIRED OF WINTER!!!!! Oh, yes, you know that




Sarah said...

Same here Leenie! No sign of Spring yet-not since a mild week a couple of weeks ago anyway!
I like the cards!

Pearl said...

Second winter.


Still wearing a winter coat,


TALON said...

Dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter, Leenie!

Anairam said...

Oh dear - I was hoping from your previous post that spring is on its way. Oh well, just hold out a little longer. Hope the tunnel does not turn out to be that Swiss one that is almost 60 kms long and that took 15 years to construct!