Tuesday, April 30, 2013


While driving Highway 101 through Oregon last summer,

DH and I happened upon a Farmer’s Market in Coos BayOregon.  The produce was lush, the aroma from the food enticing and the crafts were first-rate.

A group of young men were entertaining the crowd with their music.

They looked a little road-weary and maybe hungry.

 Their tunes were enjoyable and they were collecting a fair amount of cash in their open guitar case.

 Using my photos for reference I put together a sketch for a watercolor painting.

I transferred the sketch to watercolor paper and dropped in some neutral colors for a background.
When I started adding details, I decided to brighten up the overcast day 

and, since I’ve been reading up on Van Gogh lately, I modified the colors to more yellows, golds and blues.

 On my first try I made things pretty muddy and dark so with this attempt I built up the values a little at a time.

The guys would probably not appreciate my cleaning them up and changing out their gray hoodies but I think this look goes better with their music.

This and many more of my paintings are for sale at Watercolors by Leenie.

Click here for a really rough video I shot with my cell phone.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Leenie it is beautiful that Van Gogh thing really works for you.
I think those boys would be honoured to be the subject of such a wonderful artist. I LOVE it and the music is good too. Hug B

Joanne Noragon said...

If their mother's come across your work they will be pleased! It might have been a grey day picture; your imagination brightened it.

Linda Sue said...

I really like the semi finished one! Love the brightening of grey hoodies- they look like everyday folks here, I take for granted music on every corner...

Alica said...

You make it look so easy...and I know it isn't! I'm sure they would be thrilled to see the finished project!

TALON said...

I love what you did with your painting, Leenie. And isn't it called "artistic licence" to switch up a color palette? :)

I know I adore your paintings and have one in my office (the mailboxes) that never fails to brighten my day. The other I gifted to my daughter and I get to peek at it when I'm in her room.

Anzu said...

Leenie, you have well-developed powers of observation. Your looking for a dog pleased me. (・´`U ♪

Val said...

I like the sketch. I'm a simple kind of gal. I can't watercolor, but I used to know how to wield a pencil.

Anairam said...

Leenie - your work is just so amazingly beautiful. It makes me wish I could draw properly, but of course, no amount of wishing is going to make that happen. Now that I am doing etchings I realize what a drawback it is not to be able to draw well. I have so many ideas that I want to execute, but a lot of them I have to ditch because my drawing skills are weak. I can kinda do outlines, but anything that requires shape, shadow and light, and perspective is a major problem for me.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful translation of life to ART!
Beautifully done.
Happy weekend.

Terry and Linda said...

Wow! I'm always impressed at your work. This is another one that is just wonderful!