Monday, May 6, 2013


We made a quick trip to Utah and back over the weekend to visit family and see some outstanding piano playing by our grandchildren at a recital.

On our return trip I occupied my time shooting photos out the side window while DH drove.

The front window was splotched with bug bodies, even though we did what we could to clear the carnage when we stopped for fuel.

Overhead the hawks were out scaring up dinner for their new family.

The sun was sliding down the sky in the west, leaving behind all kinds of purple shadows on the hillsides.

Sunlight was flaring back from house windows.

Sheep shorn of their winter coats and other kinds of livestock, such as cattle and horses, grabbed an evening snack before heading home.

Spring leaves caught the light and turned it to gold.

Big center pivot sprinklers were spitting out rainbows as they watered the grain fields.

As time passed the shadows grew deeper, defining the folds of the foothills.

Even the towns we traveled through looked scenic in the evening light.

Traffic wasn't bad.  Along with a few cars we saw various kinds of trucks hauling everything from produce, to hives of bees on their way to new a new home, to freight like this load of tons of steel rebar.

Just before we reached home, the sun dropped down the horizon, turning the clouds all kinds of pinks and lavenders.


fishducky said...

When you said drive-by shootings, I didn't think you meant this kine--beautiful!!

joeh said...

Glad they were this kind of drive by shooting.

BTW, your hawks look a lot like buzzards.

Janice Grinyer said...

I see watercolours (spelled like buttons would spell it...or say it LOL) in those mountain and trees and clouds!

Brian King said...

Gorgeous mountains and I love the big yellow tree!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful scenery and wide open spaces.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Thank you Leenie I thoroughly enjoyed this drive with the awesome scenery:)
I have no idea what Feral woman is saying :) I do know I would love to see the watercolour..... note the "U's" :) Hug B

Joanne Noragon said...

The only time I encountered a hive carrying rig I was so fascinated it took me a long time to pass. The rig was a long flatbed with hundreds and hundreds of hives. In a shimmering, undulating sheet of gold millions of honey bees flew above and beside the hives. A friend with me said it was normal and natural. A once in a lifetime sight for me.

Bewildermunster said...

great post--really brought back memories of the road trip I took a few summers back. :) Yes, I do remember the bugs too! Ick!

Alica said...

You sure have beautiful scenery in your neck of the woods! :) I think my favorite is the picture of the yellow leaves!

TALON said...

Your last photo of the clouds, looks like a fairy-tale mountain range (which is the only kind we have around here). What gorgeous shots, Leenie! Simply stunning!

Val said...

Love the golden spring leaves. Glad I've never seen a truckload of bees. Chicken trucks are something to avoid, because eggs roll out at 70 mph.

Leenie said...
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Leenie said...

Joeh: I think you're right---buzzards