Monday, July 29, 2013


It appears nylons on legs have become passé.  No longer are a lady’s pale limbs discretely covered with the coveted silk stockings of the war years or the pantyhose that came in egg-shaped packaging.  They don’t work with  flip flops, anyway.

Still, when the wind chill is arctic and the snow is ankle deep, and when a long skirt is in better taste than snow pants; some nice thick tights are a welcome protection.

So when my winter stockings decide to run they get a second life in my garden.

Since our growing season is well under the time necessary for tomatoes to mature, I prune the plants down to a single vine by trimming out the branches that sprout in their “arm pits.”

Then I use lengths of nylon stockings to tie them to poles so they get plenty of exposure to sunshine.

I don’t get as many tomatoes, but the ones that grow get to be good sized and most of them ripen before the killing frosts in September.

 Along with tying up tomatoes I spent my afternoon ripping out the bindweeds that persist despite my best efforts to exterminate their evil carcasses.  And there’s no digging them up by the roots.  I’m positive they begin their lives in the underworld and grow up from there.


Val said...

Please tell me you treat them with something for pests. So you don't experience the HORROR of grabbing a ripe tomato for supper, only to have your fingers sink into the back side, and meet the gaze of a GIANT TOMATO HORNWORM over the top.

Joanne Noragon said...

You're right about the origin of binder weed (it has an extra syllable out here in the midwest). I had an uncontrollable infestation in one garden at my old house. I could trace and pull those roots for miles. I notice the folks I sold to put an addition on the house, right through that garden, thus eliminating the problem.

Alica said...

Recycling at it's best! :) How about using them to store onions over winter...stuff the onions in the legs, one at a time, tying knots between each one to separate them...

Buttons Thoughts said...

Great idea I wold love to have seen your stockings running to the garden:) Hug B

Pearl said...

I love when people know what they're doing.



TALON said...

It's worth all that effort to have a homegrown tomato. :)

Yeah, there are some nasty weeds that seem to spring from nothing. One particular one here (don't know the name) is so innocuous looking, but has tiny little hairs that get under your skin and drive you nuts. I always forget to get my gloves when I see one in passing and never fail to be an itchy nasty mess!

Jenny Woolf said...

At last, a use for laddered stockings. Not that I wear them much either, but just occasionally. And when I do I ladder them

Bindweeds.... it's a matter really of just pulling them out and waiting for the next lot.

RURAL said...

I love the idea of using nylons for's just that I haven't bought a pair for ... well sometime. LOL.

Where do you live that your frost comes in September? That's pretty cold.


Terry and Linda said...

I so agree with you about the evil bind weed...grrrr. I think about pruning my tomatoes but have never done so. Maybe I should..then I will have LARGE tomatoes.

Your bread baking is something I used to do every week...then we found out wheat was poison to Terry. I don't bake anymore. Your loaves looks really good.


Carla said...

My dad would use my mom's pantyhose (those with runs) in the garden every year. I still have hose from my years wearing them and am glad to cut the suckers up and use them in the garden.
We have a cousin to the bindweed--wild morning glory. Gosh awful stuff that tries to pass as a flowering vine. I know different and fight the mile long root systems too. :(