Saturday, August 10, 2013


We spent the afternoon down by the river.
There's a place set aside for swimming and diving.

A perfect way to cool off from the heat.

Get wet.

Hang out with your brothers.

Get brave.

Show off.

Make a splash.

Look better than a mermaid.

Twin S. working up courage to dive into Daddy's arms.

Adjusting the goggles to buy more time.


Whew! Made it.

Little brother needs no persuasion.

Twin A. takes her turn.

And a quick swim to shore.

And now a short video of a grandson and then his dad,
trying out for the Olympic Diving Team--yeah.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to spend a hot summer day.

Val said...

Whew! I'm waterlogged.

Birdie said...

What fun! I bet they will sleep well.

RURAL said...

This makes me want to drive down to the river and jump in for a quick dip...great childhood memories in the making going on here.


Linda Sue said...

SPLOOSH! what a beautiful spot, and no chlorine to burn eyes and gag on. Those kids will treasure that day when they are old and wrinkled!

Joanne Noragon said...

Good times.

TALON said...

Oh, this made me smile, Leenie. What a great way to spend time with a family! Brought back some fabulous memories of when we used to go to the quarry as kids or to the lake as kids.

Sarah said...

Whoo hoo! Looks fantastic. You couldn't do that in the Thames. Well you could but you would probably not be doing it again! Love the 'diving'-that is my kind of diving!

Anzu said...

They are really lucky !
In the old days we often could see many scenes of jumping into the river with a splash. Nowadays, we are full of thou shalt nots in the field. ( ゚Д゚)ノ【KEEP OFF】

Elizabeth said...

Summer bliss!
I loved seeing all your family fun.
Video was way cool.