Thursday, March 13, 2014


Seven short years ago my Dear Hubby gave me a brand new Dell Computer for Christmas.  DUDE!

It was a superb gift, a useful tool and a wonderful time waster.  Still, computer years are shorter than dog years.  Since 2007 I’ve upgraded from a brick mobile phone to a smart phone with screen which often makes me really feel not smart. 

So when Big Bad Dell started going all blue screen and then fading to black and telling  me to F-Key Off, I finally gave up and brought home Snazzy Sam.

I do a lot of photo editing and sometimes work in Adobe Illustrator which calls for tight click-and-drag functions so I decided against a tablet and got a laptop with a keyboard.

I like how techies give their computer parts video game names—like— a Terabyte of Ram.

What I visualize.

--and a Laser Mouse.

What I visualize.

My Adobe Creative Suite software is supposed to be the same stuff they used to make the movie, Avitar.  I use it to whiten teeth, remove wrinkles and add silly quotes to photos I find on the web. 

My new laptop could probably design the next space station or hack into a Swiss Bank, but I’ll just write blogs, check out Facebook and laugh at people caught on video doing incredibly dorky things.

It may take me seven more years to adjust to this flat keyboard and the mouse pad, although Sam also has a touch screen so I can poke it and prod it around when I can’t figure out why the mouse is weirding out (I was holding it backwards).

I’m also adjusting to a computer smaller than a Samsonite suitcase which isn’t tied to a wall with more wires than a Christmas tree.

It’s strange how we casually accept the magic and wonders of technology and, before we even learn how to use it properly, we’re complaining about how it isn’t as fast or as clever as we think it should be.

Louis C.K. on Youtube--Everything Is Amazing and Nobody's Happy


susan m hinckley said...

I'm loving my snazzy mac laptop! But I still like my dinosaur desktop for a lot of things too. So I'll probably always have both. But I can type blog comments while sitting in bed now! I don't know if it's causing me to spend more time goofing off online or more time goofing off in bed, but it's SWELL. Welcome to 2014!

joeh said...

Good stuff!

Yes it takes time to adjust to a new computer, and yes we are spoiled by new technology...and don't go hacking into any banks with that snazzy new thing.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh that is a nice one can I send you my photo so you can make me look BEAUTIFUL:)? I love my laptop can't go back. Hug B

Terry and Linda said...

The new stuff is always so much fun and very trying to learn!

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

Janice Grinyer said...

having both worked for the government, me and mister foresterman have been on the ground floor of computers back in the late 80's...i caught on quick, and to this day is the techie of the family...him, being a forester, still types with two fingers LOL

Congrats - you have now entered the turn of the century technology... xoxo

Alica said...

Have fun with your new "toy"! We aren't nearly there yet...I'm still afraid someone will spill something on, or sit on a lap top here!

TALON said...

You and your new buddy will get along just fine. Always a learning curve. Used to hate going from my PC to my laptop and now it's reverse (though for work I'm on my PC alot). You'll love the portability. Can't wait for the nice weather to be out on the deck with my morning coffee on the laptop checking emails. :)

Pearl said...

Can I send you photos so that you and your snazzy new laptop can make me better looking?!

Just got a new Apple myself -- getting used to the shortcuts and I love it.


Linda Sue said...

Still using my ancient dell upstairs, Little macbook downstairs...wanting. Still haven't figured out all of it's brilliance nor my Iphone. I just stumble along. At least we have these objects and they are pretty amazing! LOVE Louis! Love how he talks about his baby... My genius son put photoshop on my Mac, though I still have not used it...takes time to warm up to new tech. Still use my old typewriter with AWE!
Hope spring is tapping at your door!