Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hill Training

With the half marathon only a month away Beavis and CindylooWho extended their training run to eleven miles.

 They started 'way, 'way out in the boonies where the giant wind generators grow.  Even though the weather was perfect for running you can still see traces of snow in the shady spots.

The first few miles were UPHILL.

They jogged along at a pretty fast pace, staying well under ten minute miles.

I managed to keep up with them because I was on my bicycle.  When I happened to get ahead of them on the downhills I stopped to take artsy photos like this and bird photos like the one in the previous post.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with both the jogging and the cycling. I think I like the last shot best.

Pearl said...

Your part of the world is so open...


joeh said...

That looks like a tough bike ride, never mind a run.

Joanne Noragon said...

I jogged ONCE in my life, and it's a fairly long one. More power to them!

Carla said...

That last photo looks like a piece of the wind generator is missing and that it should topple over.

Val said...

Who's biking down the roads of the country
Snapping at everybody she sees
Who's reaching out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Leenie!

Who's peeking out from under a turbine
Sharing those views that we'll never see
Who's giving us a month worth of photos
Everyone knows it's Leenie!

Leenie said...

Haha Val, Great poetry. Sounds almost like song lyrics. Hey! Let's get some cool group like The Association to sing it. Bet it would go to the top of the chart--if this were still the sixties.

Maude Lynn said...

These are breathtaking!