Tuesday, April 29, 2014


When I started this 30 day challenge I thought it would be fun to select a subject I thought would show some interesting changes over the month.

So I picked this staircase in an apartment construction site near campus.
This is April 1.

April 9--another floor has been added.

April 15--outer walls of the added floor covered.

April 29--not a lot of change during the week (although there is more daylight available for the same time of day).

But over to the right a whole new foundation is being poured for another building.  I like how the concrete is pumped from the truck to the forms using a huge pipe on a long arm.  It was moving all over the area during the short time I stood there to take photos.

Only one day left of my 30 days!


TALON said...

I admire your commitment to the 30 day challenge and I've loved your photo subjects, Leenie.

It is interesting to see how quickly these massive buildings take shape. Once you're used to them, it's like they've always been there. I guess we accept that type of change easier than others.

Joanne Noragon said...

Construction is fascinating. We have a sewer and water project going on on a road I use. i think about how the workers know what to do next, while keeping out of traffic.

Terry and Linda said...

You are doing it!!! Excellent, Leenie!


Anairam said...

Wow - that is development for you! You go to bed and you wake up and next thing you know 1500 new people are working on your block. Pollyanna would say 1500 opportunities to make new friends, but I say 1500 fewer parking bays to choose from and 45 minutes longer to get to work. But that's just me.
(PS I am glad you like our sunsets!)

Alica said...

It is neat to see the changes! So...they build the staircase first, and then put the building around it! Interesting!