Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Wild,warm and crazy times at our house.

There was the celebration of a twenty-first birthday.

A rain dance.

Lots of action at the splash park.

Cousins and more cousins.

More splashing.

And even more splashing.
When warm days come around here we


Geo. said...

You are most fortunate in your congenial and handsome cousins. My cousins were scattered from Portugal to Oklahoma to California and contributed to my high school interest in distance running --which I practiced whenever I encountered them in high concentration.

Alica said...

I appreciate cousin time like no other! I remember those days as a kid, and love seeing our kids have fun with their cousins now...just wish they lived closer!

Buttons Thoughts said...

You are so clever these are awesome. I can tell you are having a super summer. Enjoy. Hug B

Anonymous said...

And what better way to celebrate in the warm weather than with water and cake.

joeh said...

Good times! And if I'm not mistaken that is a proper Angelfood Birthday cake.

Joanne Noragon said...

Good times. Cousins are the best.

Terry and Linda said...

Summer is the time of GREAT celebrations!!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, what a lovely bunch of cousins!! They will remember all those good times. I know I remember my cousins, and when we get together now we love to remember the "olden days".

Anzu said...

★:゚*☆※>('-'*)♪Happy birthday♪(*'-')<※★:゚*☆
It sounds like fun!

Let's enjoy the summer break.
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