Friday, February 13, 2015


"Life-threatening cold will blast the Northeast while a blizzard rages in New England this weekend."
So say the weather predictors. Meanwhile
 here in the U.S. Northern Rockies our February weather is more April-ish.  What snow we got this winter is gone and the normal cold temperatures are just a joke.

 Sort of like a jester’s hat in a tree.  Is this supposed to be funny or a warning for even more weirdness to come?

 The paper bag dumped in the parking lot says, “i’m lovin’ it.”   My morning walk was a little ahead of schedule so I picked it up.

 A couple of steps away was an empty plastic water bottle.  It joined the greasy food wrappers and paper napkins in the bag.

 A block away (near the McDonald’s drivethrough—how surprising) a half-empty soda container was added to the collection.

 By the time I had walked a few more blocks I’d picked up more plastic bottles, empty cigarette cartons, a spoon, a wooden hanger, a rag and a piece of clear plastic.  My McDonald’s bag was overflowing and threatening to fall apart.  However, one of the ubiquitous plastic grocery bags came to my rescue.

 I continued on down the bike path, filling up my new bag as I went.  It was almost full when I found another which came with a starter set of empty beer cans.

 By the time I was headed home I had three plastic bags full of trash.  I was only gathering what was right in my way and I passed on the freshly filled disposable diaper.

Again good fortune shined. A short distance away behind a warehouse was just what I was looking for.  On my way there I picked up my last item: the jawbone from some unfortunate carcass.

I tossed my gloves in the laundry as soon as I got home.

Judges 15:16 And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.


Alica said...

I want your spring like weather!!!!

Joanne Noragon said...

We're in for a record setting high of -1 tomorrow.
When we first moved here, almost 30 years ago, one young mother at the end of the street (1/2 mi down the hill) would walk to the bus stop to fetch her son, holding her three year old daughter's hand. The little girl had a shopping bag and they picked up litter. "Shopping for trash" the little girl told me. She's grown up to be an environmental scientist.

susan m hinckley said...

Heaps upon heaps indeed. Good grief. I'm just embarrassed for us collectively. We can do better. (I'd probably have left the jawbone. I admire both your gumption, and your good citizenship.)

Val said...

One woman's trash is my blog buddy Linda's raw materials for crafting all manner of educational playthings for her preschool students. I can't imagine her disappointment in missing out on that jawbone. I'm sure somewhere there's an entrepreneur who would steam-clean it for her.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

a jawbone!!! now how did that end up there with no other bones around?? weird!! THAT would be my find of the day!! cool!!
when we go's amazing all the garbage people just toss aside. you deserve a THANKS...for picking up after all the local litterers!

Linda Sue said...

you found some gross litter there. You need a good little sniffer dog that only finds treasure.

fishducky said...

THANK YOU for picking up trash!!

Terry and Linda said...

You are the most creative person! On the practical side Thanks for picking up the trash!

Linda ❤⊱彡

Carla said...

Trying to comment again, as I have lagged off so terribly in the last couple months. Good on you for picking up trash! What is wrong with people!!
The jawbone belonged to a deer. I'd have picked it up and brought it home.