Thursday, May 14, 2015


DH and I are in the process of changing locations for the next few months.  We will be helping out at a summer camp about an hour’s drive from our home.

 It’s called Rock Creek Camp and is not far from Yellowstone National Park.  Since the area is considered bear country, Forest Service regulations require hard-sided cabins and enforce strict rules about garbage and food.

 Today we hooked up our trailer to electricity, water and sewer.  There are more trailers and a cabin where other couples will live through the summer.  The camping groups stay for up to a week at a time.   The kids are accompanied by adult and youth leaders.

Since we have to be good camp helpers, DH got this new toy, err, equipment. You see it's important that he can get around camp quickly and haul things. 

 Bears have not been reported in camp although they’ve been seen in the area.  Mostly we will have to deal with chipmunks, squirrels and possibly a skunk or two.  We have to keep food stored away from mice, and the mosquitoes can be pretty fierce at times.

 The wildflowers have already started to bloom.

 Butterflies are enjoying the blossoms.

This little one is called Spring Beauty.  

 There is no wifi and the phone service is very limited.  The campers are going to be forced to put down their electronic gadgets and enjoy the great outdoors.  This also means not much blogging but I’ll try to check in occasionally during the summer.

 Our job for the next few weeks will be to help ready the place for the first campers in June.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh this sounds perfect for the artist:) You are going to enjoy this so much. DH looks like his new toy is going to be used a lot. Have fun and cannot wait to see the paintings that will come from this adventure. HUGS B

Joanne Noragon said...

Have a grand time, and---your chipmunk picture is exquisite. If I ever take a good picture of the several who live at my house, I can put my camera away, happy.

Kathy G said...

How fun! I suspect your next series of paintings will be inspired by your new surroundings.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Sounds like you're headed for a wonderful adventure. Enjoy it and check in when you can.

Val said...

That new toy is a real spring beauty. Ever since a chipmunk bit me and I had to get a tetanus shot from a laughing nurse at the county health center (because nobody could tell me if a chipmunk carries rabies), I have not found them quite as cute as I did before The Incident.

Carla said...

What an adventure! I'm surprised your DH didn't need a Gator or a Mule or a Rhino. Funny how they name the covered ATVs after large animals. Kind of like sports teams.
I hope you enjoy your summer. Please check in when you can. I'll miss you. Really, I will.
Are you taking your paints??!!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! What a fun time you are going to have! YAY for you! And the toy...every guy needs that toy!

Leenie said...

Thanks everybody for your well wishes. Our final move to camp has been delayed due to snow and rain which shut down outside work and turned the last five miles of dirt road to mud. We're planning for an exit on Monday.

Carla: of course I'm taking my paints, but just my sketching material.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

wow. sounds like fun. an adventure for sure.
squirrels and chipmunks and (maybe) bears! oh my!!

yeah, a guy's gotta have his toys...but, hey...they are so versatile, right?

today's monday, so i guess you made your exit. hope so, anyway.
have a great time. NO computer! yeah! NO phone, too? some people will definitely be 'jonesing'!!

sketch!sketch! i'll bet you ended up packing some paints too...??

Janice Grinyer said...

YAY!!!! More adventures mean more good blogs to write ;) and we look forward to them!

Have Fun and be safe!!!