Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Day one: What the heck is this red rash on my left hip? Laid awake half the night wondering what it could be.  Cancer? Spider Bites? Allergic reaction to something? Impetigo? (No that’s around the mouth), Herpes? (Did I get an STD from that camp bathroom?  If I did, what will I tell DH?--I know, I know--doesn't happen but, anxiety rules my brain at 2 a.m. )

Day two: This rash HURTS and it’s getting worse.  Drop everything and go see a doc.
“Doc, I’ve got this rash on my hip.  I think it’s a heat rash.  I’ve been working outside a lot in the sun and getting all sweaty and stuff.”

Doc gives me a paper dress, comes back with a young nurse and looks at my rash. His face tells me it is bad news.  “I’m sorry but you have a classic case of Shingles.”

Doc gave me the speech you can find anywhere on the internet, called in some meds to my pharmacy and sent me on my way.

I let my hubby know the awful news.  He came right home but about all he could do was feel sorry for me.  Then the pain and then horrible nausea started.  I’d told my doc I had horrific reaction to Lortab so he prescribed Tramadol for pain.  Turns out that stuff is also full of codeine and by the time I figured it out and quit taking it I’d barfed up my socks so many times I ended up in the ER getting rehydrated.

Long story short.  My left rear looks like I was caught stealing chickens and got hit with buckshot by the farmer.  It stings like I slid down a cheese grater into alcohol.  Okay, TMI.  Sorry.

 But I’m not quite dead.  I’m getting better.  I don’t want to go in the cart so I’m taking the pills that are supposed to kill the virus even though they’re the size of giant jelly beans. (The pills, not the virus.)

The rash is quite awesome as rashes go and has stopped spreading and oozing.  Oh, yeah, TMI.  Sorry.   

No, not dead yet. I think I’ll go for a walk.   I feel happy.  I feel happy. Take away the cart.

And if you’re over 60 run, don’t walk to a place that gives immunizations against Shingles.  The shot is expensive but Medicare and insurance should cover the cost.


Carla said...

Oh Leenie! That's awful! And you got them/it (????) in a place that can't be left uncovered to dry out.
Is there any drug they can give to speed the nasty thing along on its way?
Sending you healing thoughts!

Kathy G said...

So sorry to hear about your shingles, but it's good to know you're keeping your sense of humor about the whole thing.

fishducky said...

Shingles are the WORST--my husband had them!!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, gosh! I'm so sorry! Stress seems to bring them on...sigh!


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I am glad to hear your not dead yet. I have heard shingles are very painful I am sorry you don't have poison ivy or something instead:) (I was trying to be funny). Take care OK. I have never had chicken pox so apparently I cannot get shingles but if I am lucky I can get the chicken pox even after all these years Weird eh?:) Do what your doc says and take care. HUGS B

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear you have shingles. The hubs had them a few years ago around his eye...fortunately we got him the doctor in good time and it cleared up in a couple of weeks. On the butt is a terrible place to get it. Makes sitting a real pain in the ...oh sorry, not funny. I do hope it clears up quickly for you.

Val said...

EEK! Sorry to hear that about your left cheek. Thanks for not giving us even a peek. The thought of it makes my aging knees weak. It's a shame that this virus such havoc can wreak.

Janice Grinyer said...

:( That entirely stinks. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a better bum soon!

And btw, you didnt happen to rub up against any cow parsnip did you? Not that your bum would be exposed to UV rays, but that stuff is nasty, the blistering resembles shingles - we have it here in SD at 6600 ft where there are marshy areas and I have been tiptoeing and dodging the damn plant everywhere....

Leenie said...

Carla: Acyclovir seems to be the drug of choice for Shingles. It's supposed to ease pain and speed healing. I've just about taken all my pills and the blisters are healing well enough that I can at least sit. And these pills don't make me barf.

Kathy, fishducky and Buttons: Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate your sympathies.

Delores: Yes, most certainly a pain in the ...

Val: I knew I could depend on you to cheer me with your clever writing. The Bard of Avon is probably turning in his grave like a skewered rotisserie chicken just for you.

Feral: I doubt I can blame cow parsnip, UV rays or chickens for blisters in places where the sun don't shine. At least if this results in scars they won't show unless I wear a bikini which I will do--NEVER.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Makes the rest of us quit complaining over nothing.

Alica said...

I'm so sorry. I hear it's miserable. Hope you're soon feeling better!!