Saturday, August 15, 2015


Our job helping at summer camp often involves taking people through our Challenge Course.  It is a team building activity which also employs strategy, leadership and a few physical skills.

One of the challenges for the groups is called “Shark Island.”

Everyone is on a “sinking ship” with a dangling rope as the only escape across “shark infested waters” to the “island.”

 They have to find a way to bring the rope within reach.  Only items the players bring with them can be used to gain access.

Often the first attempts involve physical feats such as jumping reaching and pitching…

 …which almost always fail.

 Success is usually accomplished by tying something they are wearing…

 …such as scarves, belts or shoes

 …to be used to swing at the rope to bring it within reach.

 They have to develop a plan to reach their goal.

 Then they all use the rope to get to the “island.”

 Some have so much fun that they want to try it again.

 It is important to help catch those swinging to the island.

This group of clever ladies figured out quickly that they needed to use their shoes to bring the rope.

 The first few swings just missed their goal.

Another big swing and a miss.

 Then they teamed up to get more distance.


 Oh! No! The shoes got away!


Sneakers for the sharks. Good thing there were more shoes available.

 Another big swing with the new set of shoes.

 Success at last!  Grab that rope!

 Now we have it what do we do?

Whoever goes needs a way to reach high on the rope.  There are lots of skills in this group.

Steady, ready, swing!

 Everybody plays,

 Everybody wins.

 Friends encourage even the cautious to go.

 You can do it!  You can do it!

 And the whole group made it across the “shark infested waters” to safety.

The discussion which follows is about thinking through a problem, sinking, using available skills and tools, planning, helping everyone through difficulties and leaving no one behind.


Carla said...

I LOVE this! Was their any guidance from the adults about how to get the rope, or did the kids figure it out all by themselves?

Leenie said...

No assistance from leaders which was usually THEIR challenge to keep their mouth shut.

Terry and Linda said...

Those kids look like they are having the very best of times!!!


fishducky said...


Val said...

I'm glad nobody was left behind!