Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Thanksgiving morning dawned with blowing snow and temperatures below freezing.

 Some of those who’d signed up for the local Turkey Trot were having second thoughts about the need to burn off pre-feast calories.

 Then there were the hard-cores who were full of big talk and ready to run.

 The official turkey and his companions were doing their best to help warm up the crowd.

 DH and Jimmy were in a great mood; probably because they were cheering and not running or walking.

 The nearer it came to starting time, the more snow came down.  Dad talked the youngest racer into spending his time in a warm car with his big sister.

Even the dogs were having second thoughts about this foolhardy undertaking.

 Not these two turkeys.  They were geared up and braced for the adventure.

 One last frozen smile before taking that long one mile walk in the blizzard.

On your marks, get set, GO!  Er---go! Hey! The race has started!  These three finally took their place in the mob of clowns who came out in rotten weather to join the Race to Feed the Hungry. 

DH and I didn’t stay to the end, although we called later to make sure the racers had finished without any casualties.  We had an appointment with a roast turkey and family in Utah.  And, considering the conditions, we decided on an early start so we could take our time getting there.

The road was icy and we counted five slide-offs on our way to the Idaho-Utah border.

 The most exciting mishap was this Fed Ex truck which must have lost control and slid across the median of Interstate 15. Here it is headed north in a south-bound lane.

Here’s the other trailer belonging to the rig getting hauled out of the gutter by a tow truck.  We continued on our way in our four-wheel drive Subaru with knobby snow tires, and arrived in plenty of time to help put Thanksgiving Dinner on the table and eat with our family there.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Brave girls. Oh it sounds like all went well for everyone except the driver of FedEx of course. Glad all the nasty weather and driving turned out to be not too bad and you made it to family. Happy day of course. Hug B

Val said...

So THAT'S what happens to my packages! The sliding-off part, I mean. Not the running in a race thing.

fishducky said...

Damn, it gets cold where you are (she said from southern California)!!

Terry and Linda said...

Scary when those big trucks wreck! I'm glad noone was hurt!