Monday, February 29, 2016


February is almost over and it is a good thing it had an extra day this year.  I needed time to finish my watercolor paintings for The Virtual Paintout.  This month we virtually explored Majorca where the members of Spain's royal family spend their summer holidays in the Marivent Palace.  Wikipedia says it is a popular tourist destination and I could see why.

Settlements dating back to the bronze age have been discovered there along with artifacts left behind by Phoenicians and Romans.

I liked the rustic buildings, the narrow streets and sunny skies I found as I moved the little yellow Google Pegman around the map.

Majorca has a long history of seafaring.  In the harbors I saw small and unusual boats.  Turns out they are crafts called Llauts which are specific to this area.  The design is a part of their history of fishing boats.

I call this one, "Neighborhood Watch."  I followed a narrow street in Palma and found this white haired lady gazing from her balcony.  The timeless buildings plus the variety of textures and colors made this a painting waiting to happen. 

Google Street View is a great tool for armchair travelers like me who will never in this life be able to afford trips to exotic places like Majorca or scuba diving along the Geat Barrier Reef.

As always these paintings and more are for sale at my Etsy Site, Watercolors by Leenie.  


fishducky said...

Beautiful, as always!!

Alica said...

My very lucky sister got to vacation there a bunch of years ago. It looks beautiful! (And so are your paintings!!)

joeh said...

Something about the fishing them.

Val said...

I can smell the sea air!

Terry and Linda said...

Another painting very well done!


Geo. said...

Magnificent! Brava!

Buttons Thoughts said...

You know you have this incredible talent to make things more beautiful on canvas than they probably really are. Beautiful. HUGS B

Mary said...

My goodness, you are talented! I love all of these. Must visit your shop.

Thanks so much for the visit Eileen. xo