Thursday, April 7, 2016


A photo a day for thirty days.

An eye
Then an ear
I think I see a deer
Hiding behind that big tree
A stomp
Then a flash
And he's gone in a dash
I think the deer just saw me

From Dirt On My Shirt--Jeff Foxworthy

A couple of canada geese scoping the neighborhood for a nesting spot.

Here for fun is a wobbly video of a sure sign of spring..

Mr. Robin staking a claim to his chosen territory.


Terry and Linda said...

Love me a song of a Robin any day!


Alica said...

I was scooping mulch off the neighboring golf course's mulch pile the other day (with permission of course!!) and lo and behold right in front of me was a Canadian Goose, standing up hissing on top of the pile. Apparently she thought the top of the pile was a great place for her nest! So much for finishing my mulching!