Saturday, April 30, 2016


A photo a day for thirty days, plus a poem a day on most occasions to celebrate the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month.  So ends the challenge.  And now---

Into the woods without delay
Be careful not to lose the way.
Into the woods who knows what may
Be lurking on the journey?

 Into the woods, and down the dell,
The path is straight, I know it well.
Into the woods, and who can tell
What’s waiting on the journey?
Stephen Sondheim

 Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods.  Every time you do so, you will be certain to find something that you have never seen before.
Alexander Graham Bell


fishducky said...

You did a beautiful job with this personal challenge!!

Terry and Linda said...

You did it! 30 days of posts and poetry! GOOD FOR YOU!


Alica said...

I haven't seen all of your thirty posts, but you did a great job with the ones I did catch. I like that last picture best of all today. Just give me a lawn chair, a sweatshirt, and a stick for making S'mores and I'll be happy! :)

Val said...

I can smell the smoke of that campfire.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Love that campfire picture.

Janice Grinyer said...

Dang, these 30 days were excellent...Your talent isnt just about watercolours; you paint gorgeous with words too!

So anyhow...

Okay, if Im gonna knock myself out and put up posts of the last 5 months, someone else has to suffer with me... oh wait, that means other bloggers/readers HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay, so you told me that you had an extremely outdoorsy summer too without wifi..sooooo

*Leenie of the Great Mountains, I challenge you to post up some photos of the last few months, and tell us what you have done!!!*

extremely interested likeminded people** really want to know!!!

** like me!