Tuesday, April 18, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Eighteen

Prompt:  For the title of your poem complete the following:  “what if?” and structure your poem so that it contains three stanzas of any length in which you explore your “what if.”  In the first stanza, mention a famous poet and a type of flower or plant.  In the second stanza, mention the title of a book and a word that starts with “z.” In the final stanza, reference a musical instrument and use a simile:  ____ is like a _____.”

What if Lewis Carroll's Rabbit Took Lucy on a Date?

She wore kaleidoscope diamonds and cellophane flowers
He wore velvet and waistcoat of finest brocade
She came in a newspaper taxi to meet him
“You’re late.” Then he smiled, “Let us join the parade.”

Down the tunnel they tumbled in a dream sort of way
Past bookshelves and marmalade colored like sky
They blundered like zombies on into The Shining
To a party where wild things danced on a pie.

Bald guys with big eyes played didgeridoos
“Do you like it?” said Rabbit as he took her hand.
“Oh yes,” replied Lucy with stars in her eyes,
“Like a wonderful nightmare and Custer’s Last Stand.”

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fishducky said...

You did it again, Ms. Longfellow!!