Tuesday, April 4, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Four

Prompt:  Write a rant poem based on something that annoys you.  Make it a poem, not a manifesto.  Avoid cliché or abstract language.  Write in the form of a prose poem—a paragraph without stanza breaks or intended line breaks.

Bang Head Here

I’m sorry for world horrors and disasters.  Still, I take comfort in kindness and companionship.  The earth is filled with countless beauties—which I can’t see because someone is standing in front of them trying to take a photo of their big head.  And what about those fools who think they can rule the world!  Oh, and bad grammar, poor spelling and folks who want to, “axe” me a question but can’t be, “pacific.”  And sticky floors.  And hair on my bar of soap.  Not to mention people who want to make every conversation about themselves while they constantly check their phone.   So I catch a break from crazy in a quiet, empty place to enjoy a cup of yogurt--and find I have no spoon.

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fishducky said...

Oh, the humanity!!