Saturday, April 18, 2020


NaPoWriMo PROMPT: Write an ode to life’s small pleasures. Perhaps it’s finding some money in the pocket of an old jacket , or just looking up at the sky and watching the clouds go by.

Six Months Later 

Some day last October, the weather getting colder 
There was extreme exposure, my sandal days were over. 
My toes cried, my soul died, the snow flyed. 

Six months of boots, fuzzy hats, snow suits, 
Thinking of warm sand, umbrella drinks in the hand, 
Falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band. 

Now smiling-- morning sun, worst of winter almost done 
Three little birds by my door say the blizzards ain’t no more. 
Singing melodies, sing of fun, sandal days have begun! 

Don’t worry about a thing. Now’s a day to laugh and sing. 
Toes are out, soft and pink, sandal time don’t you think? 
Sky is blue, lawn is grassy. 
Don’t worry be happy.


Elizabeth Boquet said...

Your poetry uplifts me -- thank you! Agreed - nothing as soul-killing as winter...

Leenie said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. Your work inspires me! It's fun to get to know a bunch of poets like you.