Friday, April 24, 2020


NaPoWriMo PROMPT: Write about a particular fruit – your choice, but describe this fruit as closely as possible.


Back in Cusco Peru, after two weeks of trains,
Buses and taxis and boats and airplanes.
Now seeking only a meal and a rest.
Nothing outlandish, what would you suggest? 

We went with a friend to a door in a wall
Where pizza aromas sent out a call.
We soon had a dinner too good to behold,
And a pitcher of liquid as yellow as gold.

It was fruity and citric and mellow and sweet.
From the Amazon jungle, a wonderful treat.
It is called Maracuyà, a gold passion fruit.
We all loved the flavor, there was no dispute.

The size of an egg with a pineapple zing,
Black seeds; fleshy fruit to make the tongue sing.
Many things I’ve forgot from the trip, it is true,
But I’ll always recall the gold fruit of Peru.

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Elizabeth Boquet said...

What wonderful rhythm and rhyme! Congrats!